use the creative nomad muvo2 4gb storage for other things


there’s a 4gb hard drive in the creative nomad muvo2, and it’s actually cheaper than a 4gb microdrive, sooooooo

overclock the pocket pc

upclock the ppc

you can speed up (or slow down) many of the pocket pcs out there, just using software. speeding up things is the obvious fun thing, but if you’re looking to max out your battery life you can throttle the processor back, all from a control panel.

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replace the ipod battery

ipod battery

here’s a good step-by-step on replacing the battery on an ipod (2/3 generation) some of the newer batteries last 80% longer, so this is totally worth it if you’re not getting good battery life.

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mod the keypad and leds on phones

phone leds

you might not have this specific phone, but it’s a good mod to learn from if you plan to hack up your current handset. for $10 you can get some super-bright leds (of whatever color) and practically make a new phone. you’d think handset makers would start offering light-brite style phones by now huh?

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xbox mod chips

xbox chips

with xboxes being so cheap, there’s no reason not to get one _just_ to mod. but if you can’t or don’t want to solder stuff, there are a lot of solderless mod chips and a lot of ways to do it. here’s one way

make an ipod in to a pirate radio station

ipod fm

i thought it was clever to boost the itrip mini with my lame little hack, and change what’s playing on cars next to me at stop lights, and then this project blows that out of the broadcasting waters. be sure to check with your local laws and all that before broadcasting with this “proof of concept” itrip amp.

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make 3d photos with any digital camera

3d photos

i saw some lady buying her kid a $20 3-d book and figured there’s gotta be a simple way to make your own 3-d photos, turns out there are a few apps floating around, or you can use photoshop and as a bonus you grab photos from the nasa mars mission and make your own space versions.

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