change the voice of an aibo ers-7


i wrote an article for popular science august 2004 issue on how to change the voice of an aibo ers-7. the reason i wanted to do this is because sony really goofed when they added a “human” voice to latest edition to the aibo robot dog series, what made aibo cool was that it didn’t actually talk in some lame “show me to your leader” voice. but after poking around on the memory card(s) and reading up on the aibo file formats and tools, you can change the voice to something a little more r2-d2 and less c3po.


  1. J.c. says:

    i get a 404 while trying to follow the link…did they take it down?

  2. Steve Worcester says:

    Broken link

    Here it is, searched Popular Science for “aibo voice”:,20967,662888,00.html

  3. khalid says:


  4. khalid says:


  5. Kathryn says:

    still gets a 404 my accelerator isn’t working i guess

  6. anh says:


  7. ugagiu says:

    prea penal…:))

  8. My favorite robot voice was from that movie, Short Circuit 2 or 1, not sure. The movie itself was good too, I watched it hella times.

  9. hackarmy says:

    how does it work? *cough*

  10. adalyn bistz says:

    Interesting thought, very informative. thanks for sharing it

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