making your own roomba “virtual wall” units

roomba virtual walls

the roomba virtual walls are what, in theory, will keep in the roomba away from places it shouldn’t go, like the fireplace. while roombas usually come with 2 units, wouldn’t it be better (and cheaper) to make your own? and maybe embed them in the wall?

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copy playstation 2 games to the hard drive


using a standard ata/ide hard drive (up to 120 gb) and a tools like hdloader and hdadvance you can copy all your playstation games to the drive, which makes them load faster and will cut down on wear-n-tear on the discs. just make sure you’re just doing this with the games you own.

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building a megapixel digital camera from a flatbed scanner


this is really neat, a fellow starting playing around with his scanner and actually made it in to a digital camera. now you might be thinking, why? this was done back in 2000 when 2mp cameras were thousands of dollars, all for under $100, i’m going to pick upa  cheap $49 scanner and see what’s possible now

turn a pocket pc in to a wifi phone

ppc phone

i’m using vonage, the voice over ip service, and it turns out you can get a special type of add-on called a “softphone account” which allows you to use software on a mac, pc, linux computer to make and receive phone calls as well. turns out you can use just about any wi-fi enable pocket pc as phone too.

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use the ipod as a bootable drive

ipod boot

i was playing with the new version of mac os x (tiger) but didn’t want to install it to my local hard drive, so i had a pc formatted ipod i was about to zap any way, so i formatted it and installed tiger on the ipod. while it’s not a good idea to use an ipod a mac hard drive, it’s good for testing and emergencies if needed

add a cigarette lighter to a pc


i had all these automobile power accessories, but once i stopped driving, or needing to as much i wanted to find a better use for these. so after looking around at all the home ac/dc convertors, i figured it would just be best to add a cigarette lighter to my pc. who knows, maybe i’ll take up smoking now.

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hacking the linksys nslu


the linksys network storage unit is a neat little device that allows you to add just about any type of usb storage device to your network as network storage for all your computers to access. i picked up one of these and then when i started to tinker and google around i found out there’s a whole lot more hiding inside there


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