put the roomba robotic vacuum in test mode


those handy dandy robotic vacuum’s from irobot have a secret “hardware check mode” where you can test out all it’s functions to see if something has gone wrong with it, or

read rss feeds on your ipod

ipod rss

while the ipod isn’t exactly something you want to read pages and pages of information on, there’s lots of times, i call them “hostage times” when you’re  just standing in line or waiting when it would be cool to read some headlines or news on something. since i sync my ipod up a lot, i figured i could use ipodagent to get all my rss feeds over, works pretty good

make satellite photo maps with gps devices


i get asked a lot about how i make the satellite photo maps of places i run (seattle, nyc…) and here’s the step by step. i use a garmin forerunner gps, but just about any gps will work.

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make an ipod a universal remote control

ipod remote

man, this took awhile to cook up, but it was worth it. using an ir transmitter from griffin and included pocket pc software, i recorded  the “sounds” my remotes to the dvd player, tv, etc

solar charge the spot watch (and ipod)


i had this small solar panel that charged pdas “okay” but not really that great, so once i started using a spot watch (fm radio data watch) i thought it   might do a better job charging the watch, it did, and it also was the start of the solar powered ipod project.

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make a ramjet engine


for about $60, you can make your own ramjet. i haven’t tried this yet, but it’s on the tipity-top of my to-do list for future projects. 100% chemically bonded construction – absolutely no welding required, hot hot hot!

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diy external ipod battery pack

ipod battery

want to add 10 hours of playing time to your ipod with a cool project? here’s a great one using a firewire socket, some batteries, wire and box of playing cards.

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