dvd player hack list…


some dvd players actually do allow you the owner to play dvds from multiple regions, what’s a region? well, that means the dvd is from another country. it seems silly to have to pay for a whole new dvd if you already own it, but luckily this site has most of the players and what codes to enter to unlock the player, as and added bonus, for some players you can turn off macrovision and then record your dvds to portable video players, vcrs, tv cards, etc


  1. Graham says:

    Have been keeping a little eye on the site and I find it very interesting but this artical was especially informative!

    Cheers! :o)

  2. Craig says:

    Convert your DVD Player to multiregional player. Hack it now!


  3. juninho says:

    How i amke for multiregion for dvd player: sony dvp-ns728hpb

  4. juninho says:


  5. Florin says:

    i have a hct 890 dvd player which won’t play any dvds.i believe it has de same region bs problem …. please help

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