home brew cameras

home brew cams

i was poking around for some resources on making your cameras, the reason–i figure there’s some cool analog-meets-digital hacks that one can cook up taking some of the old tech and literally bolting it on to an old or cheap digital camera. post up other links if you have’em!

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portable firefox, browser on a usb device

portable firefox, browser on a usb device

a few of ya’ll sent this in, and it’s handy enough that it deserves a post!

portable firefox is a fully functional package of firefox optimized for use on a usb key drive. it has some specially-selected optimizations to make it perform faster and extend the life of your usb key as well as a specialized launcher that will allow most of your favorite extensions to work as you switch computers.

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nintendo ds wifi hacking

nintendo ds wifi hacking

this didn’t take long…here are some starters on hacking the ds’s wifi. i picked up two and will be trying this out once i’m in one spot, somehow i ended up in canada.

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powerpoint on ipods and portable media centers

powerpoint on ipods

there’s a new tool (for macs) that will export powerpoint, pdfs and keynote slides for use on the ipod photo, $18 or you can use my how-to to do the same.  an ipod photo, portable media center or any device that plays photos will do. might be a good way to get the boss to let you expense one of these. in the how-to i pump the images out to a headset display, which is part of a cool project that’ll i’ll post about later.

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nintendo 64, portable project

portable n64

to heck with a playstation portable, hack version or the real deal, and double heck to the nintendo ds, here’s a portable version of a nintendo 64. not too shabby at all.

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build your own pvr


a few readers have sent this in after news of tivo selling out on us–build your own personal video recorder, slackware linux 9.1 mythtv install guide, building a pvr in 3 or so steps for about $200 and zed’s dvd player case mod dvr. post up other diy pvrs in the comments!

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use gameboy sp batteries with the new nintendo ds


we’re going to try this out to confirm, but the folks at lik-sang cracked up their nintendo ds and it seems that you can chop off the two nubs on a gameboy sp battery and use them in the ds, which is good because we have a couple super-sp batteries here we’re going to try out. if it works, or if it doesn’t i’ll post it up.

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