home brew cameras

home brew cams

i was poking around for some resources on making your cameras, the reason–i figure there’s some cool analog-meets-digital hacks that one can cook up taking some of the old tech and literally bolting it on to an old or cheap digital camera. post up other links if you have’em!


  1. Chieh cheng says:

    Here is more to camera hacks.

  2. Chieh Cheng says:

    Guess I’ll have to add the URL to the comment. 8-)


  3. ian says:

    not necessarily homebrew, but definitely a hack; a paper camera


  4. Saul Rosenbaum says:

    The site is still rough but Kevin Black has married a plastic Holga camera with a PhaseOne H20 digital back, with rubberbands!!

    the images are actually pretty interesting.


    his traditional images are great too


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