itablet, the tablet mac

itablet, the tablet mac

a lot of people have been asking for a tablet version of the mac, and well, if you wait long enough someone will eventually build it. over on macmods they have the story of a photographer who built his own, all in fairly small and impressive case. very cool and useful.

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wifi on treo 650 uberhack

wifi on treo 650 uberhack

okay, maybe i’ll consider the treo 650 now. before, it was extremely disappointing that the wifi drivers weren’t out when the phone shipped, but now thanks the “shadowmite” here’s the hacked up sdio wifi drivers and instructions.

1) Copy the file to a SD card
2) Run the file
3) It will go threw installing some files, followed by a soft reset
4) It will install some more files, and identify itself as T5 Wifi installer
5) It will ask for the Wifi Card

fake nintendo ds mods and hacks?

fake nintendo ds mods and hacks

hmm, i’m not too sure about these hacks, but figured by posting it up, we’d all figure out the scoop. apparently with a fairly simple mod you can play gameboy & gameboy color games, and also “double” the range of the wireless, i’m a little skeptical about these, but i might sacrifice on of the ds units to try it out.

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get your sprint treo 650 to work on verizon

verizon treo 650

can’t wait for verizon to get their act together and start carrying the treo 650? right now only sprint is the one that has ‘em, but a few people over at treocentral have figured out to hack the firmware on the 650 so it’ll work on verizon’s network.

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make your own dance dance revolution mat

dance dance

here’s a pretty cool diy project. if you have a dreamcast and want to make your own ddr mat (dance dance revolution) here’s a step by step that uses an old controller, carboard, toiler paper, cardboard and a bit of solder.

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making your own xm commander cable


a couple folks sent this in (thanks!)–if you have an xm direct and want to use your pc to control it (and record with some of the apps that allow that) here’s a way to do it without paying $40 to $50 for the cables currently being sold, this one comes in at $15 and it’s a pretty simple project. nicely done jcdillin.

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more on ipod firmware hacking

ipod hack

here’s a follow up…poster “zsk009″ on the engadget comments says…

the ipods firmware can be updated without restoring the entire ipod, before running the updater follow these steps:

go on your ipod to ipod_control>device>sysinfo
and open the file in wordpad.
find this line of code:

buildID: 0x03028000 (3.0.2)
visibleBuildID: 0x03028000 (3.0.2)

change a number with a lower number

buildID: 0x03018000 (3.0.1)
visibleBuildID: 0x03018000 (3.0.1)

now the updater will think you have firmware version 3.0.1 and will let you update without restoring the entire thing.

this has been tested with 3g and 4g, the example above is 4g, the 3g uses different numbers but its virtually the some thing, just decrease the number. it should also work with other ipods but i’m not sure

(the ipod_control folder is a hidden folder)


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