hummer pc

hummer pc
“This project started with a 1/6th scale RC Hummer from NewBright Toys . The idea was to build a fully functioning gaming computer – but to also be able to unhook all the peripherals and drive the truck around, when I got bored and needed a break.”

this mod is off the hook.  thanks for the link filtronic.


  1. Marco says:

    reminds me of mods i used to watch on the screen savers before g4 took over.

  2. strider_mt2k says:

    Oh man. That’s just awesome.
    The radiator where the radiator goes is just pure gravy! Excellent!

    However I can’t resist the urge to have just a little fun:

    I guess a blower was out of the question?

    I hope he was able to find the right drivers for his truck.

    It comes with it’s own firewall, just in front of the dashboard!

    “Crap, I just drove my PC off the edge of the stairs!”

    (Imagining some guy in a ragged business suit stumbling up at an intersection offering to “clean up your Windows (config)” for fifty cents.)

    Keeps it’s own stats on race day!

    Took #2 at Turbo Tax Rebate Rally 2004 in Daytona!

    You get the idea. :D

  3. Tim says:

    Would it not be easer to just get a Mac mini? Think about it… Bluetooth and WiFi built in, and the power-supply all there, all you would have to do is drop it in, add a big battery, and get a truly wireless PC. Your keyboard is bluetooth, and get a VNC server running, then control it from the closest PC, or even your palm. That is what I would do.

  4. bob says:

    wouldnt the radio waves from the remote interfere with the operation of the PC?

  5. micah buckley-Farlee says:

    bob: not unless your local FM radio station interferes with the operation of your PC.

  6. TriOptimum says:

    Think about how much it would suck if you accidentally drove it down the steps or something… even just hit something hard could knock the hard drive into shambles :P. Very cool though, just be careful driving ;)!

  7. foobarcanada says:

    so video games distract us from life, and this car distracts us from videogames…

  8. dan says:

    i was just at walmart today and saw 1/6 scale
    ww2 remote tanks in the clearence section :-)
    they look big enough to put a 19″ crt on or
    let one of the kids ride it ! if it could pull
    my lawn mower i will omg i got to go back and
    get one. but of corse they didn’t have any prices
    on anything and no one could be found so i don’t
    know how much $ but they look cool

  9. nick says:

    i like this mod it’s awesome, though i have a question, where does the c drive go? and where does the hard drive go? i want to burn my CD’s. still it’s a great hack and looks awesome, maybe i should make a computer in the humer and sell to my friends.

  10. Dan says:

    Do we really need to drive our computers around? But otherwise this hack is very clean and nice.


  11. CDE says:

    The commercial, Arnold Swatchanetor hummer, or the millitary Humvee? I prefer the latter. Plus, why need cd’s in the car, you can have it added to like a pull cart that you can attach to the back of it, like a convoy.

  12. CDE says:

    WAIT… better yet, the new Dodge Ram as the pc/mac mini, with a police car being towed as the psu/cd depending on the config. That would be l33t, and hilarious. New Doge Ram Commercial <3

  13. lord towers says:

    WOW, that is an impressive mod. I have an RC truck and its no where near the size of that hummer, man that thing is huge. Tho it makes me want to go out and do somethign creative like that. and to top it off he modded the keyboard and stuff too, i would have been impressed wiht just the truck, great job!

  14. RotoSequence says:

    Id just like to point out that there are many other great mods at Now, to all you people asking “why not a mac-mini,” this project ended early 2004; long before the Mac Mini was even being spoken of by the most die-hard mac-fan.

  15. Ryan says:

    i am a forum member on bit-tech, (i actually posted the thread in general discussion telling everyone)

    Tim, three reasons that he didn’t go with the mac mini.
    1) his first post in the project logs was dec 10, ’03. he probably started well before that buying parts and such.
    2) macs suck. i don’t want to start a debate on macs or anything, just accept it and move on.
    3) the whole idea of this website is do it yourself and be different. what if, instead of making a satilite dish out of a strainer, we just bought a dish? what if i bought night vision goggles? what if i just bought a model airplane?

    hummer PC project log

    Nick, the hard drive goes under the mobo, page 3, 4th pic down

  16. jerzee says:

    The creater of this H2 should look @ this article and create a R/C vehicle/computer that has the ability to drive itself around.

    htt://control an r_c car from your pc.htm

    (The article about a R/C hack to drive a car from a PC)

  17. Robster says:

    just ran across this been a while since i looked up to see what people were saying about my mod but nice to see it is still getting some attention i am working on some new stuff this year so keep checking bit tech forums and see what is going on.

  18. shady amer says:

    hummer h3

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