pocket pc phone remote

pocket pc phone remote

griffen tech sells a program called total remote that lets you use your pda as a infrared remote.  for pdas without an ir port, it also comes with an audio-to-ir adapter that plugs into the headphone jack.

scotty-o’s pocket pc phone had an ir adapter, but he wanted less pathetic range and he didn’t want a silly ir adapter hanging out the side of his phone.  so he did what any self-respecting hacker would do: he took his phone apart, hard-wired the adapter circuitry to the phone’s audio output, and reassembled it all back into the original phone casing. nice!


  1. Brandon says:
  2. Matt says:

    couldnt he have just placed a lense on the ir leds to focus the ir signal more?

  3. tom61 says:

    “couldnt he have just placed a lense on the ir leds to focus the ir signal more?”

    I don’t think that would’ve helped, since the ir port is already pretty highly focused (for transceiving signals from a PDA or laptop within about 3 inches of it). I might play with that thought some, though. I doubt you could focus it much more with a /small/ lense, but I bet my 3″ glass magnifier might have some impact on range. my Dell Axim X5 only has about 2 feet of range with most remote software.

  4. see dubya says:

    why not just swap out the pathetic IR with the beefy one? now he doesn’t have an audio out. stupid hack.

  5. Osc Sodani says:

    I had terrible results with Total Remote — the range on the IR was horrendous, and their support tooks weeks to respond to each request. I finally got a replacement unit, but it was no better… buyer beware.

  6. (_8(|) homer like it…

  7. karol_ says:

    Has anyone scheme of Griffin Total Remote?

  8. madurangago says:


  9. sadsa says:


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