sheesh, got enough acronyms for you?

either way we don’t care. this is in fact, a Subaru STI converted into an ATV. a kick ass ATV i might add. Just check out some specs


                    TURBO CHARGED   AND  INTERCOOLED

SUSPENSION:      BLISTIEN            
POWER:     170kw
WEIGHT:     550KG

as we  began to drool, we wiped our chins off and continuesreading. this is a turbo charged atv with an intercooler
the site doesn’t have much info because it’s being worked on, but the 5 pics they give you show you how awesome this is . the question is…would it beat an original STI on the road? hmmmm…

30 thoughts on “Subaru WRX STI ATV

  1. ~wooo! Jersey off roadin’! Are you from Tabernacle, strider_mt2k! That thing would definately rock in Wharton. I’ve got so many stories about that place.

  2. Would something like the be street legal in the United States? It’s easy just to make a guess and say no, but what guidlines are there to know when a serious modification to a vehile makes it illegal to drive on public roads? I suppose this could even vary state-to-state.

  3. Based on a formula that estimates ET/MPH in the 1/4 mile from HP and weight this beast would do about a 10.74@126mph with a 200 pound rider. That, my friend, is fast.

    In the States an STi WRX is a 2.5L with a bigger turbo/intercooler and cranks out 300HP. Even if weighs an extra 50 pounds (which I seriously doubt) you’re down to 9.88@138 with the same 200 pound rider. That is seriously fast.

  4. Although I admit to knowing nothing about cars or off-roading, it seems that what they have done is to take an off road vehicle with nice seats for everyone and added a motorcycle seat for one and handlebars.

    Seriously, What’s the attraction, the wind in your face?

  5. david,

    don’t forget: power-to-weight ratio is everything. they made it a lot less comfortable, but now it’s a hell of a lot lighter. with the same amount of horsepower as the original, this thing can MOVE

  6. this makes me nausoius i always wanted one of these as a car
    and somebody has enough money to waste to turn one into a 4wheller what a waste

  7. It would prolly beat a stock STI without trouble.
    I’m surprised it still weights so much, i hope they thrown out all the air pollution crap to remove some weight and give more space.
    Anyway, not like this thing was half legal.

  8. that thing is friggin’ amazing. although i imagine with the engine hanging waaaaay over the front end that it would handle like shit.

  9. both atv’s and crotch need the center of mass (engine block) in between the drive axles, else you’re wasting traction and those rears are going to spin. an effective configuration would be more like the dodge tomahawk experimental motorcycle.

  10. I own an 04 WRX, and it’s a great car.. btw this is the regular WRX drivetrain in the states with the 2.0 IC developing about 225hp (stock). It looks like they even kept the AWD functional but I have no idea what they told the computer happened to all the vehicle weight for the brake proportioning. Sick, sick, sick… I love it. But.. no air conditioning? Not in Florida. Ick.

  11. that thing is great and modding anything out that much is never a waste. it’s not like they turned into a nonfunctional piece of art or something. i’m gonna have to the junkyards, i haven’t built a car since highschool. that thing has given me all types of ideas. i think my gf hates this site I always start really bizarre projects cause of it.

  12. As much of a cool factor as this has, especially since it is my favorite sub $50,000 car, it’s usefulness is non existent.

    First being a car suspension is no match for a true suspension of well modded ATV. Bilstein shocks are nothing special, I’d like to see 24 inches of travel with some king shocks.

    Also weight is a factor, I could put a GS1100 motor in a quad, turbo it, bore port and polish it and get more horsepower with a fraction of the weight and size.

    So I give it a 10 for cool a 2 for usefulness

  13. the weight distribution on this beast is scary. aside from the traction loss problem that radioeyes notes, you would have a serious handling problem in the turns. if you put enough weight in the back end to sort that out you would lose a lot of the HP/wt advantage.

  14. I don’t think this is street legal. Four wheel vehicles are considered cars in the U.S. and would require seat belts. so yes, it would be fun as an offroad atv.

  15. All that is required to make it street legal is lights, lisence plate and a seatbelt. So slap those on and a racecar seat with a five point seatbelt and its legal in the US.

  16. both atv’s and crotch need the center of mass (engine block) in between the drive axles, else you’re wasting traction and those rears are going to spin. an effective configuration would be more like the dodge tomahawk experimental motorcycle

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