gameboy floppy disk drive

Gameboy Disk Drive

We like old hacks like this! I mean, the gameboy color and the floppy disk drive are both so passe,  so why not use them together to try to make something cool? Well apparently the french can, so props to Jean Francois for doing this. The link we give you is the Google-english-translated page so you can actually read more about it. this doesn’t really serve an insane purpose like storing all 10,000 of your pirated GB ROMS on the disk, but it’s very in depth about the technical advantages and aspects of doing this project. very nice work….does the ’90s proud.

thanks [togi]

18 thoughts on “gameboy floppy disk drive

  1. suppose the next step would be to give the gameboy an onboard flash memory. that you could then store all your roms and interface it with the computer to add/remove them

  2. It runs a z80 proc. wint ~128k ram. The problem is ram and the lack of a mcu. I think you could run uclinux on it if it had more than the paltry ~128k ram.

  3. Display .jpgs . That way you could check out your photo’s from one of those ancient digital cameras that wrote to floppies.

  4. I don’t think uClinux really supports the z80, probably because there are no z80 machines with enough oomph to justify running Linux on them vs. some sort of embedded OS.

  5. well,it’s not a very useful hack (imho)-but no doubt it is a hack. if i saw one more battery pack p.o.s. link,i think i’d cry.

  6. I don’t care if it’s old this time, and I don’t care if it’s not that useful. This is a very cool hack that required alot of work and effort. IMHO this is an awsome hack that we need more of.

    I agree with jamima69 that we don’t need any more battery packs w/ a different case/ plug unless it’s got something more original or dificult to make. Something like a homemade laptop battery that fits the original slot, adds 2x the life, and has a homemade battery smartchip would be an exception.

  7. A type of disk doctor ie. every nintendo console has had one, maybe incorporating a zip disk (would sit on the back, simmillar size to the unit)or flash card, with a usb port for loading roms from yer pc or directly onto the memory via the cartridge.
    There is no reason why this cant be done….i dont think ;o)!!

  8. it’s old skool and all that.. but i have an old black & white (greyscale) gameboy… i’ve looked and looked, but can never find any tutorials on how to mod this thing…I want to use the LCD from it for a display on my case that shows temp, music, uptime, and such nonsensicle information… anyone with ideas, or information.. please help !!


  9. Hi there is there any way that i can transfere the save game files from the pc to the playstation 2 memory card
    can i use the usb flash disk and how is that ?
    please help

  10. Plz can some one make a step by step tutorial for this?
    If so kan you email it to ?
    I realy want this but the explanation is a bit complicated.
    Its not the same diagram type where i live…

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