hackaday lazy afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

it’s gloomy, school’s out, and the couch is our best friend.
it must be time for another hackaday lazy afternoon!

back once again with wednesday’s insanely lazy afternoon. college has gotten out for awhile for most of us and we’re finding a lot of spare time. normally i’d throw a speech your way, but you readers sent in some great content over the weekend, so let’s get right to it!

don’t ask me why you still have one of these, but if you do, make it bigger, better, stronger.
e-mail [xblackdemon] if you demand turning a 720k drive into a 1.44mb drive. again, not on us.

putting a game on a TI-92 calculator could be considered a hack because it’s not the norm for the calculator’s purpose


  1. Matt says:

    Yea Lazy Afternoons Rock

    Yea First Post!

  2. patg says:

    SkiFree for the TI-92 appears to be done in C, not ASM. Still, props to the author.

  3. matt says:

    I thought lazy days were changed to tuesday and thursday???

  4. Dean says:

    School isn’t out here until mid-June.

  5. Amall says:

    We love lazy afternoons!! Also, try to get as much easy real hacks on such as that 100 mhz oscillatior radio jammer hack! This was a great idea!

  6. Dax says:

    Ugh, that floppy diskette trick is rather old. My “Windows 98 for dummies” book had a brief article on it (I read this in ’99 or so :P)..
    There was a good analogy of how it’s like using a rake to draw lines in the sand. The finer the sand, the more tracks you can make in the sand. A 720k floppy has large particles and a 1.44mb floppy has fine particles. You can make lots of little tracks in a thicker sand pile, but they will eventually collapse (the disk will go corrupt).

  7. Allanon says:

    Where did you get sub $200 for the DVR? The listed cost of the required hardware and software is over $200 and that doesn’t include the computer.

  8. ghostshadow says:

    The rss screen saver doesent work on 10.3 , or atleast i couldent get it to work . also the screensavers directory is in your mac HD/library
    and not Username/library . it’s nice though :)

  9. micah buckley-farlee says:

    Application crashes on start-up for me (10.4), but I can open the .qtz in Quartz Editor.

  10. cam says:

    Love the lazy afternoons!

  11. cam says:

    Love the lazy afternoons!

  12. Xander Avier Janal says:

    make a PC and a linux RSS feed screensaver next lazy afternoon!

  13. fooby says:

    there is an rss feed saver here, not tested but looks good tho http://www.cool-screensavers.com/onlinews.html

  14. fooby says:

    there is an rss feed saver here, not tested but looks good tho http://www.cool-screensavers.com/onlinews.html

  15. Shawn Miller says:

    NuParadigm’s Windows based RSS Screenaver v1.2 has been released. New features include the ability to display multiple feeds, support for various feed types (RSS, ATOM, RDF), and various other features.

    It’s a free download @ http://www.nuparadigm.com/Products/Toys/RssScreensaver

  16. mohamed says:

    molqvi pratete mi hackkk

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