hackaday links


ahh, a beautiful saturday, a beautiful delivery of links for you readers. the next podcast is being worked on and is going well by the way. quality will be the #1 concern from now on in!

someone is good with a tree and a jigsaw! [nick]
hey, kids need hacks too right? [sam]
our man with the spinning cap is selling it [adam]
usb ghost detection fool [superlevel]
hack biometrics with gummi bears! [inh]

if you’re into the hellghast from killzone and have mustard gas laying around, build a gas mask

kicking it oldschool with lockpicking (nice t-shirt) [lobo]
microsoft patch triggers virus attack….what’s that sound? oh it’s me laughing.


  1. So, that’s ghosts as in the undead spirits that float around and haunt people? Weird man (if I read right).

  2. Neonenergy says:

    In the How toons link
    Look at the binary counting one…

    so THATS why all them kids flip me off

  3. Jeff says:

    They had a demonstration of the gummi bear thing on The Screensavers about 2 or 3 months ago.

  4. Josh says:

    its bloody fing raining here in new england. It has rained every weekend for a month now.

  5. CDE says:

    Hey Vince, you seem to be slipping. Hackaday already had the spinning grad hat thing already: http://www.hackaday.com/entry/1234000060043312/

    And I think the gummy bear one as well, but a while ago.

    And the usb ghost thingy, thats creepy. Hey, since it looks for electro-magnetic fields, it can work as a emp early warning device. Like an earthquake ewd, which tells you an earthquake is going to happen 2 seconds before it affects you! ^_^ Keep up the good work

  6. barbobot says:

    josh isnt that the way england works?

  7. geekboxjockey says:

    you should try to get your hands on that crazy ghost detector, it’d be interesting to see what they put in as the “dectector” part.

  8. kodex1717 says:

    Look at the door in the first cartoon, the sign says “NO FUCKERS” in big red ink, part of the F is covered in hair.

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