hackaday links


ahh, a beautiful saturday, a beautiful delivery of links for you readers. the next podcast is being worked on and is going well by the way. quality will be the #1 concern from now on in!

someone is good with a tree and a jigsaw! [nick]
hey, kids need hacks too right? [sam]
our man with the spinning cap is selling it [adam]
usb ghost detection fool [superlevel]
hack biometrics with gummi bears! [inh]

if you’re into the hellghast from killzone and have mustard gas laying around, build a gas mask

kicking it oldschool with lockpicking (nice t-shirt) [lobo]
microsoft patch triggers virus attack….what’s that sound? oh it’s me laughing.

8 thoughts on “hackaday links

  1. Hey Vince, you seem to be slipping. Hackaday already had the spinning grad hat thing already: http://www.hackaday.com/entry/1234000060043312/

    And I think the gummy bear one as well, but a while ago.

    And the usb ghost thingy, thats creepy. Hey, since it looks for electro-magnetic fields, it can work as a emp early warning device. Like an earthquake ewd, which tells you an earthquake is going to happen 2 seconds before it affects you! ^_^ Keep up the good work

  2. you should try to get your hands on that crazy ghost detector, it’d be interesting to see what they put in as the “dectector” part.

  3. Look at the door in the first cartoon, the sign says “NO FUCKERS” in big red ink, part of the F is covered in hair.

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