Patch Antenna “Patch”


I’m banking that these are probably the next things added to jackets


  1. radioeyes says:

    sounds like anohter way for big brother to watch you

  2. Tim says:

    Hm, sounds like a bit of risk to me, placing that much wireless equipment so close to ones body. It does cause the body’s cell’s to mutate, you know. (They haven’t found out if it damages the body, yet, but hey … would you consider mutating cells in the body safe?)


  3. Groxx says:

    To tim… ever heard of background radiation? The everyday radiation around you is fairly large compared to most small antennas.

    I’d love to see this. Even slow, short-ranged transmissions have incredible use potential.
    One day… we may even have… wireless socks… lol

  4. wolverine says:

    tim, there’s a war coming, are you sure you’re on the right side?

  5. Jord says:


    You’re right and you’re not constantly being bombarded by thousands of cell phones, radar’s and the like…

    BTW, that tin foil hat you’re wearing looks great, real fashion statement.

  6. thaddeus says:


  7. Greenflame says:

    I think “Big Brother” was useing this years
    ago.It isnt exactly a new Method.You can also
    do it on Paper with certain Ink’s.The whole
    “Big Brother is watching” thing is worn out
    now.I think we all know they do survelliance
    on there own Citizens.Stop wining on the
    Net about it.Inless you are gonna do something
    about it then go back to you’re corner or
    picket line.

  8. Neoxide says:

    what if you put shielding between it and your body? easy.

  9. kabukicho2001 says:

    hi someone have a copy of this hack or link ,,,the original web isn’t available anymore.

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