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We’ve mentioned Christoffer’s Skype phone before; Jeroen decided to make a device that could work with any standard phone. Seeing the Chat-Cord he decided that one could be built really easily. The main component is a transformer to demux the the mic and line signals. I’m guessing you could grab the appropriate one off of an old modem. To translate the DTFM tones for dialing he downloaded the Chat-Cord software. The only problem left is how to ring the phone using Skype and Jeroen has enough tips to put you on track. I know at least one reader requested this after seeing the Chat-Cord so I hope you guys enjoy.

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hackaday links


it is most certainly a dreary day. again.

good news though, the third hackaday podcast is finished! we’re going to release it onto iTunes when we get our RSS feed up (very soon). we’ll be sure to put a download link here too of course. it’s packed with content and humor and we’re sure you’ll love it.

more good gnus. i have ordered hackaday stickers and pins/buttons! they’ll be here in about 2 weeks. we’ll be giving them out at defcon but when they do come, and you want some, we’ll let you know how. it’ll just be the old technique of mailing us a SASE for us to mail them back to you in. so that’s good. everyone loves free stuff.

speaking of stuff, t-shirts. hackaday t-shirts will be made soon. we will have them at defcon and that will be the first place to get them. we’re getting a very small ammount made (like 25 or so), so make sure you try to get to vegas or defcon to score one. other then that, we’ll be giving them out on the site somehow. we just need to think of a creative way. hmmm

Nextel serial charging for always-on GPS


Tim uses his Nextel phone as a GPS receiver for his laptop. This drains the battery on the phone much quicker than usual. He decided to jump power into the system so the phone would actually charge when it is plugged in. The power is tapped from the 5 volts coming from the USB to RS-232 adapter. A full schematic and list of phones that this should work on are available at the site.

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hackaday poll

Yes, we have polls now. Rock on. We’ll be using these a lot now and we like!

Will you be attending Defcon?

Yes I am!

No, I’m not.

No, but I’ll be in Vegas during then.


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hackaday lazy afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

ahh, it’s overcast and dreary outside. normally i’d be lazy but with finals tomorrow

Backyard aluminum foundry


Jim sent in his backyard foundry project. This is an improved version of his previous attempt. It uses a large holiday popcorn tin for the main case. This is insulated using perlite mixed with high temperature furnace cement. It can reach upwards of 1200F, but you’ll still be able to touch the outside of the can, briefly.

hackaday links


i’ve been into louis xiv lately. they’re really goofy. this is also goofy and symbolizes probably the slowest day in news history ever.

and have you guys noticed that windows xp n (dumbest name ever) isn’t selling for crap? tsk tsk.

WoW apparently has an unfinished area that’s accessible. i always liked finding things like this in video games (::cough:: halo 2). [jon]

google maps also apparently can be hacked to show the casualties of the iraq war. pretty interesting how it’s done (don’t give me political crap in the comments, the only politics i want right now are red and blue jello duking it out for my tasting pleasure)

yet another phone being hacked into a cellphone. this one has fischerspooner so you gotta see it.
thanks [cosmicwimpout]

south africa has a tv show based on open source. odd, but cool. check it out.

lastly, if you haven’t checked out our new blog Download Squad yet, you should. I’ll be hitting you all up with mostly mac and linux goodies.

Oh and iTunes 4.9 w/ Podcasting support came out today. We should have an RSS feed for our podcasts in a few days. So I’ll be sure to let you all know!


: my joystiq coverage of gameriot is up. comment and you can win some free swag!

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