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i say it’ll be another 3 or 4 days until my teeth become somewhat normal again. i’m so sick of ice cream and biting things like a gopher. but yes! this morning after a long binge of donuts, madonna, and photography, i’m on a mission to find some public hacking to do today. it should be an interesting endeavor.

now before these tasty links that smell like chicken, there is apparently an interest in meeting up. therefore, for the philadelphians/peoplenearphilly, check tomorrow’s monday sipping for the final word. a live hack will be done, stories told, hacks exchanged, and other fun stuff. so, stay tuned or else. as for people in other cities, leave where you’re at in the comments. we’ll see what the deal is with that!

pretty nifty usb-drive in a cellphone. that nokia wasn’t a bad phone though! nooo! [kyle]
(warning, above is geocities. get there while you can)
another great wallpaper! matrix-style! [ryan]
yet another pocket amplifier. i like it a lot. penguin pride! [rob]
apparently you can fix dead psp pixels. worth a shot i suppose. [jon]
some guy on IRC keeps hacking himself. hilarious. [hackadayrdr99]

from the creator of XXL shampoo, we have goth torches. [chewie]

and wowee. apparently, the x86 version of tiger has already been leaked. gimme gimme.

i can’t resist an aussie hack! someone sent this in:
on the foxtell didital settop boxes in australia, go to the system setings
screen, hiltght picture setings. then type the code 0611on the remote, then
press select. this gives you modem setings and other stuff.

sounds cool. always good to get a workaround on a box of some sort. keep hacking!


  1. Dustin says:

    I’m in Dallas, TX.

  2. dr. apocalypse says:

    i’ll be in philly till saturday the 18th. email me at dr.apocalypse@gmail.com for contact info. this sounds like fun.

  3. Matt Gilbert says:

    charlotte, nc

  4. n00bmaster says:

    Vancouver,bc. Canada 0wns

  5. Gino says:

    use a cache next time you have a geocities link, please..


  6. hackmaster321 says:

    I’m in the Dallas area of Texas, and I have a couple of friends who visit the site, and would be interested in a meet up as well.

  7. ORANGE says:

    chicago ftw

  8. CaptSnuffy says:

    new york

    and that thing with mr. bitchecker is hilarious

  9. dan says:

    I had my wisdom teeth pulled tuesday…it sux, I feel your pain. They still ache constantly and it is now sunday…damn dentists and damn yogurt.

  10. John F says:

    Boston, MA

    Man that picture is hilarious

  11. David li says:

    Hey, err, I swear elliot was oh that OSX tracker:

    [18:10:07] someone just pointed out if you look at the text in the rars it is just “GNAA” over and over again. Greifers
    [18:10:30] make sure you guys rate it low before you delete it


  12. max says:

    “i can

  13. Josh says:

    Does anybody have a copy of the wallpaper listed above?

  14. yeah, that was me on the tracker. What an annoying Sunday, no OSX86 and no homebrew on PSP 1.50

    Here is Ryan’s wallpaper http://www.weblogsinc.com/common/images/5720595415083584.JPG

  15. ryan says:

    ok so i download the OS X for i86 and it came with a bin file called OSXLOAD and a raw file called OSXROOT now could some exsplain to me wat a raw file is i have been looking for an explaination for hours!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  16. GOD says:

    East Lansing, MI

    that is one funny hacker story!

  17. DCoy says:

    ryan, http://www.filext.com for info on file extensions

  18. jason says:


  19. mike says:

    Try rawrite

  20. ramona says:
  21. Pocketbrain says:

    Basic, but a good hack nonetheless. I wish I could reverse the powersave on my mouse so it wouldn’t sleep. I use rechargables, and I’m gonna build a charging dock for the thing.

  22. Casey Golar says:

    John T. is correct in determining that there are two separate issues here. The first issue is the permit to sell goods, the second is the legality of the structure.

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