Nextel serial charging for always-on GPS


Tim uses his Nextel phone as a GPS receiver for his laptop. This drains the battery on the phone much quicker than usual. He decided to jump power into the system so the phone would actually charge when it is plugged in. The power is tapped from the 5 volts coming from the USB to RS-232 adapter. A full schematic and list of phones that this should work on are available at the site.

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hackaday poll

Yes, we have polls now. Rock on. We’ll be using these a lot now and we like!

Will you be attending Defcon?

Yes I am!

No, I’m not.

No, but I’ll be in Vegas during then.


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hackaday lazy afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

ahh, it’s overcast and dreary outside. normally i’d be lazy but with finals tomorrow


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