Defcon day 3 – Soekris 4501

soekris 4501

There are a lot things to get annoyed about at Defcon: the lines, the heat, slow network

Defcon day 3 – Last chance

last chance

If you’re at Defcon, today is the last day to get a free t-shirt in person. After today they’re going to be much harder to come by: i.e. send us your exclusive project. So track us down and ask for a shirt. I shouldn’t be too hard to find. I mean seriously, bright freakin’ green

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Defcon day 3 – 125 mile wi-fi shot

Team PAD has done it again. Running out of highway last year they were only able to get 55.1 miles. This year they made it all the way into Utah to do their record breaking shot. Congratulations guys!

If anybody is looking for Primestar or DirectTV dishes to do long links with, I’ve gotten two of them using freecycle.

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defcon day 2 – don’t use the atm


The ATM machines here at Defcon all now have Defcon logos and stuff on the screens. There’s also a talk on hacking ATM machines. So therefore, we’re guessing the ATM machines have been compromised so for every dope using them and getting hit with the $2.00 fee: Pshhhh….go fsck yourself.

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defcon day 2 – hamster ball


This ball was being shown from DC*480. It’s a remote control ball that has a camera and processor. It can throw itself anywhere and only took the team 3 days to build…with 6 months of planning of course. I got a turn to try it out and you rotate the X and Y axis to make it move. It takes random screenshots too of what it sees. I love it. Great project.

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defcon day 2 – we’re out


Yours truely.

(Sexy) beast of burden, Eliot

See you there. We’ll have some shirts today and some more tomorrow.

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defcon day 2 – new day rising

our heads hurt. we’re not gonna lie. but then the nasty sound of the doorbell came at about 8am this morning. who was it? ups. they had a nice box for us. t-shirts!

check em out!

hackaday tees

we’ll be selling them today and tomorrow of course at defcon. $100 a piece.

not. they’ll be free, just come find us and find out how you can get one.

to find us, just look for us with the hackaday t-shirts. we’ll probably be rocking a sticker and a pin or two as well. we reccomend getting them ASAP for several reasons…one being that we just don’t have a lot of them.

so come on. hit it up!

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