hackaday merch

hackaday buttons

hackaday buttons…have arrived.
stickers are on their way soon.
t-shirts as well.


to get yours:

go to defcon. otherwise, wait until after defcon or come visit in philadelphia.

full size image here


  1. kyleyankan says:


  2. That Guy says:

    I want one too, i’ll pay shipping

  3. weaszel says:

    yeah, you guys are going to have to sell your stuff through jinx or something, because plenty of people will buy it, myself included.

  4. ayeyen says:

    Yeah, you’ll have to. I want so bad!

  5. phycon says:

    t-shirts on ebay? ive got a whole bunch of people in dfw that love your site. PLEASE O’ PLEASE WITH A HACKADAY CHERRY ON TOP LIST SHIRTS ON EBAY! :)

  6. matt says:

    hackaday punk style!

  7. eric says:

    Here is an idea, you know cafepress? You can make some money by getting the Hackaday logo on tee shirts, mouse pads, coffee mugs

  8. Nickiq says:

    Want! Will pay! Gimme now! Fragmented sentences!

  9. kyleyankan says:

    Hackers, Hackers,

    He can’t sel lthem. In the dan TOS of this site. Like the blogging service used. He can only give them away. I’ll pay shipping or, hey, pick-up. :-P

  10. Rob says:

    Yeah great!
    I discovered your site a while ago and i think it is awesome. Can’t wait till the rest of the stuff comes in. What would shipping it to Belgium cost ?

  11. prophecy says:

    you should also take cods cuz some people like me dont have good enough credit for a card

  12. Quitter says:

    OMG I WANT ONE ..!!! ILL GIVE YOU A DOLLAR FOR ONE :'[ PLEASE!!! >.< and the sticker and the shirt :D im in love

  13. effinboy says:

    the guys over at http://www.spiltink.net/ will hook you up with some PHAT prices on T-shirts. AS for the buttons…. I’d take some if I could get you to ship them….

  14. Mad Matt says:

    Ooo yes please! I’d send a SAE even, not sure how long that would take since I’m in UK though…

  15. kiddanger says:

    can i make my own shirt with you logo? i will make it and post a pic of it. i will try and do it tomorrow. oh and dont use cafepress they suck. just buy your screenprinting equip and make em yourself, its super easy.

  16. benhou says:

    send me a tshirt. So cool!

  17. n0th1n6 says:

    i want it! :D. Im from the Philippines though.

  18. Lucidix says:

    I WaNT one really bad, i will pay for 1 please!

  19. elmo says:

    what is defcon?? :S

  20. seesoe says:

    i live in florida i would love to buy some i would pay for the shipping as well

    when would we be able to by from hackaday? are u going to get every thing and then make them for buying??????????

  21. strider_mt2k says:

    Look, can we bring robots and hardware hacks to these get togethers?

  22. alchemist says:

    Damn cool. I see someone from DFW has left a comment, well us Aggies here in the thriving metropolis that is the magnificent twin cities of Bryan/College Station like this stuff too!


  23. joel Spangler says:

    you need to make a page icon with your logo at the top of the page. I’ll be able to find my bookmark faster. (you know the little icon by the URL)

  24. Camhacker says:


  25. ryan says:

    hackaday t shirts for geeks, available in sizes l to xxxxl

    what would shipping be for a XXl shirt and a few buttons be to the bay area (near san francisco) be?

  26. ryan says:

    god dammit! i had a tag that said / quasi bash.org ripoff and it deleted it!

  27. Stefano says:

    Yo guys i’ve got a question. Is anyone of you a junkie? someone take drugs? ciao a tutti, hau

  28. tom says:

    i want one but i want a case badge so i can put it on my badge at work =]

  29. John says:


  30. nomadicalloy says:

    how do you get these buttons? whats the price?

  31. X3r0 says:

    where can I get the stickers and shirts, any one have any idea email me

  32. X3r0 says:

    Were can I buy any merch, if anyone has a link or knows were plz feel free to email me thanks

  33. chris Gomes says:

    i was wondering if i could get the name of the place u got those customized, so i can just order a bunch for myself, and friends.

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