33 thoughts on “hackaday merch

  1. yeah, you guys are going to have to sell your stuff through jinx or something, because plenty of people will buy it, myself included.

  2. t-shirts on ebay? ive got a whole bunch of people in dfw that love your site. PLEASE O’ PLEASE WITH A HACKADAY CHERRY ON TOP LIST SHIRTS ON EBAY! :)

  3. Here is an idea, you know cafepress? You can make some money by getting the Hackaday logo on tee shirts, mouse pads, coffee mugs

  4. Hackers, Hackers,

    He can’t sel lthem. In the dan TOS of this site. Like the blogging service used. He can only give them away. I’ll pay shipping or, hey, pick-up. :-P

  5. Yeah great!
    I discovered your site a while ago and i think it is awesome. Can’t wait till the rest of the stuff comes in. What would shipping it to Belgium cost ?

  6. OMG I WANT ONE ..!!! ILL GIVE YOU A DOLLAR FOR ONE :'[ PLEASE!!! >.< and the sticker and the shirt :D im in love

  7. can i make my own shirt with you logo? i will make it and post a pic of it. i will try and do it tomorrow. oh and dont use cafepress they suck. just buy your screenprinting equip and make em yourself, its super easy.

  8. i live in florida i would love to buy some i would pay for the shipping as well

    when would we be able to by from hackaday? are u going to get every thing and then make them for buying??????????

  9. Damn cool. I see someone from DFW has left a comment, well us Aggies here in the thriving metropolis that is the magnificent twin cities of Bryan/College Station like this stuff too!


  10. you need to make a page icon with your logo at the top of the page. I’ll be able to find my bookmark faster. (you know the little icon by the URL)

  11. hackaday t shirts for geeks, available in sizes l to xxxxl

    what would shipping be for a XXl shirt and a few buttons be to the bay area (near san francisco) be?

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