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i don’t know about you guys, but insomnia can be a deadly thing at times. other times, it’s interesting.

anyways, I’m glad you guys have questions to ask! the stickers and t-shirts have been shipped today! so rock! i can’t wait to give them out.

as for international readers who can’t send a SASE to us, just contact me about the merch. we’ll figure out something. maybe you can hook us up with some pictures of your surroundings or something interesting.

potatoes power the internet. scary huh? [leandro]
the ultimate mods for your car. very nicely done. [xytec]
i’m also feeling this pink lego flash drive. pink is like, so hot. [joe]
going to disneyworld? i wish i was, but your fingers won’t anymore.
spreadfirefox got 0wned. bout time. konqueror rules man!!!!111one

“redneck” xbox live……so sad. really. [tom]

another nice guide to lockpicking. we like seeing these. [jaw]

disgusting lifehacking like this is gross…not to mention insanely creepy.
anddddd make a couch. chia pet style. weirdo.

i hope to see some SASEs come next week. these buttons won’t just mail themselves! they’re like


  1. john paul says:

    i just sent out my sases an hour ago hope to see some pins soon!!!!!!1

  2. mitch says:
  3. Gil creque says:

    I figured they would start doing it at Disney soon. I picked up some annual passes for Seaworld a few months back and I noticed they didn’t take my picture like most theme parks around here do. When I walked outside to go thru the turnstyles, an old woman begin instructing me to place my entire hand on a new biometric hand scanner ono the turnstyle. Of course I immediately had visions of 1984 running thru my mind and turned around to my g irlfriend with a look of complete shock that this was happening. I drilled thte poor old lady as to why the hell I had to do this. She of course used some rebuttal that was pounded into her brain during some special training. Their excuse being thata no one but you could use your season pass. I reluctantly had my hand scanned and haven’t been back since.

  4. Gaarie says:

    I’m sending my SASE very shortly, as soon as I’m done designing it :) Nice hacks today. I just discovered the RSS feed last night. Very nice.

  5. kiddanger says:

    my buddy did the cardboard body kit when we were in highschool. heres the linky http://myspace-982.vo.llnwd.net/00000/28/90/150982_l.JPG

  6. David Karas says:

    Car mods are sooooooo stolen from Afrotech!

  7. benji says:
  8. Sadlar says:

    Hmm something’s not right: http://www.hackaday.com/page/2/

  9. Wifiguy says:

    How much spam do you think it takes to fill up a gmail account?
    fuxz0r is about to find out.

  10. pete says:

    Hackaday links:

    Hackaday Hacked! here

  11. marc says:

    ne one else have ne links to strange bugs? i’ve seen quite alot in my time..

  12. tech says:

    that whole deal with fuxz0r sucked. But now he’s going to find out the consequences of what happens to when you hack a website on hacking, AND when your dumb enough to leave your email address on the page with it!

    Looks like its time to bust out the mailbombing scripts everyone

  13. Ensellitis says:

    Wifiguy, don’t tell me you actually believe that is his real address?

  14. Captsnuffy says:

    first, the MIT guide to lockpicking is old as hell, i read it like 2 years ago. it’s a good read though.

    second, tech (#11) you’re an idiot. That’s not his real email, thats just one he made as a throw-away.

  15. skinfusionz says:

    “spreadfirefox got 0wned. bout time. konqueror rules man!!!!111one”

    I’m glad karma gave you a massive headache today for stating it like this, no one deserves to get hacked.

  16. Will says:

    As far as lockpicking goes, everybody should check out http://www.toool.nl/index-eng.php – great place for lockpicking hobbyists. They also have videos from HOPE conference lockpicking segments :)

  17. Bucky says:

    The RSS feed seems to be broken. it’s listing the newest article as “Manual boost controller” posted on June 18th.

  18. fdiddy says:

    dude fuxzor is dumb but i think that his gmail account was just created to see if he can fill the 2 GB limit…..idk though but it’s a good idea bad idea to hack hackaday though very childish

  19. Gaarie says:

    you’re right bucky #16, It was working earlier today.

  20. Mayor says:

    Hey guys, make sure you clear your cache of internet sites (safari’s default is option-command-e) so you don’t get any wierd hitting the back button and getting back to the “fuxor owned u” screen…

    For some reason i just wasent impressed with fuxor’s html coding skills, i like the regular webmaster’s better :)

  21. Joe says:

    That lego flash drive isn’t pink, it’s red.

  22. tech says:

    Captsnuffy, take a joke man.
    I know that there shouldnt be a living soul stupid enough to leave their real email behind like that.
    i wish i wasnt taken seriously as much as i am, everyone takes my sarcasm as being litteral…
    anywho, no hard feelings. we’re all misunderstood at some point or another.

    and #19, that was a nice laugh =]

  23. nobody else has mentioned this, but i think what bugs me the most is that this defacement represents the first time capital letters have graced the front page of hackaday.

    to have your intrusion hymen and capital letter cherry broken in the same day… it’s almost too much.

    ugh! add to that: and black text on a white background.

    i think i need to go take a shower.

  24. quaff says:

    yeah! konqueror! lol firefox is good.. but i prefer konqueror over it anyday :)

  25. pete says:

    How very one sided, they post a link about how spread firefox gets with great enthusiasm, but when hackaday gets owned they say nothing.

  26. jere says:

    um, anyone know what the hell happened to the cvs camcorder hack? I was really looking forward to it

  27. Dan says:

    I liked that lego usb so I made one, came out pretty sweet, I used a sandisk micro so it fit into a smaller lego, and mine’s not pink (just kidding I know his was red). Pictures on how to do it with the micro: http://www.engr.uconn.edu/~dhc02001/legousb.html

  28. caseymods says:

    that wireless thing worked like a champ. i set it up at my parents house. before it would drop the signal if someone walked by or a door got shut. now it reads “excelent” all the time. can’t beat it for the money. also, a skill saw works like a champ for cutting the bucket in two.

    hack on

  29. e_bar_goum says:

    i gotta make me one of those usb drives… yellow mb….

    oh and i know its been said… but who would bother haking hackaday and leave such a simple page??? black on white? omg

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