Computer headset from walkie talkies

wireless headset

Okay, now I think we’ve covered all of the bases when it comes to modifying devices to use them as Skype peripherals. Reader Mad Matt chopped up a pair of toy walkie talkies so that he could build a wireless headset to use with his computer. Although he doesn’t mention VOIP, there are only a few other things this could be used for. Of note is that he used a usb connector between the headset and the receiver/transmitter so that he could have a quick disconnect if needed. If we kill Matt’s free hosting you can try the Coral Cache.


  1. illobo says:

    another skype mod:

    this one is based on an old rotary phone from SIP (italian telco) – it sorta pokia for voip ;)

  2. cellzEro says:

    Bandwidth Exceeded.

  3. mike says:

    The DingoTel adapter is pretty kickin too. Incase you haven’t seen it yet, it can be found here
    and by the way it’s cheaper to buy it on Amazon then anywhere else (last time I looked).

    I did some investigating and the adapter is just a USB soundcard. You could probably also use a regular soundcard and a 1/8th inch stereo to two 1/8th inch mono plugs. Plug the stereo end into the VOX walkie talkie, then one 1/8th to your soundcards mic, the other to the speaker.
    This way, when audio is sent to your speaker, it key’s the VOX circuit, and when you send audio to that walkie talkie (via another talkie) it send audio through the mic. Also be aware I think it’s illegal to transmit telephone conversations or music over FRS in the US.
    But then again, VoIP is not a true telephone conversation.

  4. jeff2 says:

    nice hack i really needed this.

    as for #3 on FRS, hes right of saying that voip is not a true phone conv. FCC specifies that its illegal using it interconnected (key word here) with public network system. is voip a public network system? i think not. bring on teh frs range hacks!

  5. Gino says:

    thanks for the cache link ;)

    i really want to get into VoIP and set up a nice asterisk PBX or something. That would be cool.

  6. justin says:

    the site comes up, but the pictures wont show.:(

  7. nitroburn says:

    As for the FRS comment. That is Illegal, but some where it might not be, so lets pretend this story comes from there.

    I should submit this actually. What I did was take 2 Cheap Cobra FRS radios and a Small VOX Circuit. “someone” modified the radios to accept external antennas (illegal) and attached a Homemade J-Pole to the roof of the house. I modified the vox unit so that it can use the Microphone and speaker jack off the computer.

    Ie. say even the radio makes a “Ding”, it will key up the radio and transmit then dekey.

    The FRS’s can now be used for VOIP, Voice Chat.. anything like that really.

    I even turned it into a repeater to increase distance.

    I’ve had a 500mw radio transmit many many more then the rated miles.

  8. Mad Matt says:

    Hmm, sorry about this folks, all i have at the moment is this as hosting. I’m moving to a new server at some point curtesy of a freind, but its not set up yet.

  9. nitroburn says:


    Uploaded my modified VOX unit to flickr.

  10. carpespasm says:

    mad matt: would you mind setting up a flickr page or some links to to get us the photos? the coral cache doesn’t have the pictures

  11. Chris says:

    Hey Matt, maybe I should host your mod on my site eh? We’ll talk on MSN.

  12. Mad Matt says:

    Here you go folks, I used my (limited) HTML knowlege to put this together and got it hosted by another free hoster, but with better bandwidth this time.
    If possible, could the hackaday guys change the link to this one?

  13. TFC says:

    I would love to see a bluetooth stereo headset with a mic! I’ve searched. I don’t think one exists.

    Stereo for listening to music, mic for using Skype.

  14. Guy incognito says:

    Hacking FRS is fun and easy.
    I use it for a DTMF link on my ROV!

  15. tps says:

    Inexpensive Homemade Computer Microphone

  16. joshep says:

    hey i wanna build this, i have the exact same walkie talkies too. but can anyone tell me if it would give out stereo or mono audio.

  17. robost says:

    want to add DTMF to my FRS radios to use for control of an ROV. would appreciate info. on how to do it!

  18. larrykingalive says:

    Does anyone know of a circuit to increase the mic sensitivity of an frs radio ? thanks

  19. CD1234 says:

    Hmm music over FRS, illegal maybe but who cares i played music on an frs and it sounded great now if someone can hook one of these to a computer and have a mini radio station, but use an frs that has the scrambler codes. lol hook an FRS up to an ipod, hey hey turn it up beep BEEP Loudest-> BEEP ::music blaring from frs lol, oh and play some rap music three six mafia, 50 cent, ludacris or whatever music you want. i gotta stay fly-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y <–three six mafia song, yes it was playing as i was typing this

  20. Bluetooth wireless headsets are cheap enough nowadays that you don’t need to hack up a old walkie talkie headset for this..

  21. Opigir says:

    I would love to see blue tooth headsets for use with skype but although there is support for there headphones there mics won’t work with computers as far as i know and this is one mod i will be doing in order to have a wireless headset its the only way i could find of doing this and its a great solution can’t wait to do it.

  22. Dano3131 says:

    Has anyone HACHED the Dingo Tell units there cheep but the company went under so there is no server to go through?

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