hackaday merch

just giving you guys a heads up.

i checked my mail today and found about 50 letters. wicked. so i drank a beer and got them all done and they’ve been mailed out with buttons. expect them by friday at the latest and thanks for reading guys. we appreciate it.


  1. Rob says:

    How many buttons did you order in the first place?

  2. Zach says:

    Awesome, hope mine got to you today.

  3. Feel free to show your appreciation by posting a pic of your new swag in action when it arrives.

  4. matt2 says:

    It would be way to much of you to ask whoes you got.
    I just have my doubts that mine got there since the postal office has a hard time reading my chicken scratch

  5. matt2 says:

    oh yea and Thanks! for the free buttons

  6. datwstddevil says:

    anyway someone can mail me a button? i’m not allowed to send out mail lol
    email me at XtremeDissa@gmail.com if u can send me one

  7. RulingCzar says:

    I can’t wait for my button!!!

  8. i sent my SASE on saturday, can’t wait for buttons and/or stickers if i’m lucky

  9. lehmon says:

    Are you guys still allowing incoming mail? I’d love to get a couple for me and a friend, but is there a cut-off date?


  10. nunyez says:

    I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find it. Maybe you guys can help.. Do you remember a news thread a while ago where it gave a weird result when you searched for something like terrorist or something ironic. The hit it resulted first was George Bush. The search term was ironic and I can’t remember, can anyone help me out it’s killing me trying to remember/find it.

  11. kolwon says:

    http://twingine.com/search.php?q=failure is this what you’re looking for nunyez??

    im still getting around to the SASE, maybe tomorrow i’ll be more ontop of things.

  12. Steven says:

    did you get mine… did you get mine…
    Just kidding…
    Keep up the Great Work!

    when is there going to be a Atlanta Meetup type thing?

  13. Tinlad says:


    as kolwon said there’s failure > george bush.

    there’s also liar > tony blair.

  14. H-K-47 says:

    Well, One question only?
    If you recieve a letter from abroad (europe), is the deal with the free button still on?

  15. GRimo says:

    That is a good question 13. However, by time a letter gets there from all the way down here in Australia, it will be Christmas. So theres no point doing that. Maybe an Australian Hackaday meetup might convince a shipment of buttons to arrive. Either that or get thinkgeek to sell them. They post to Australia

  16. GRimo says:

    Well its actually number 14. oops..
    The real question is….. Are coffee mugs on the list of merch to get?

  17. Adam says:

    Would you still mail buttons out if I send in a SASE or did you send ‘em all already?

  18. wang chung says:


    If I show up at your door with my sub-$100 laptop, will you give me some?

    If not, well, then…how’s this sound – I show up at the door with a crowbar and you give me the buttons and i let you keep your intestines :)

  19. Scott Day says:

    Hows about some badges (buttons) for South Africa? I could send you a postcard or a genuine south african ubuntu cd (they’re the same as any other).
    Any university of cape town students out there?

  20. Teckjunkie says:

    http://www.buttonpushers.net/ is a great source for getting cheap buttons made by the bulk.

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