defcon day 1 – the law, the swag


Hey! The swag is already out and in full force. Defcon is great, but beware about photos, here’s what our man with the master plan Jason C. says:

“We’re 10 minutes into the event and the first privacy/freedom of speech debate has started. The topic was, of course, photos. An organizer went off a long tirade about not taking pictures of the speakers or audience without their permission and that the press would have their film taken if they did. They did says that you could take pictures of the backs of people’s heads without permission. So, since many of you have always wanted to see the backs of 500 sweaty nerds in a tent


  1. aucobalt says:

    You guys rock. I love your candid, by-the-seat-of-your-pants coverage of defcon!
    Tell us something about today’s topics.

  2. tek says:

    I agree. I wish I was @ Defcon, but I’ll have to live vicariously…

  3. windwaker says:


    I missed it this year. ;( Is there anywhere where they put up all the panels online?

  4. Peace to all,, I think everyone should just dress up make it like some 70’s or 80’s costume party eg: I was there this year as Sponge Bob ,, aw did not see me, i thought so…. note: if your over 30, too many sticky greens nugs will stunt your programing ability s and give you pascal flash backs!

  5. rak says:

    is that a hack-a-day patron? damn, i thought we were all nerdy guys, didn’t expect any cute girls to sneak in here.

  6. bobo says:

    wow..a real girl…i think..

  7. teh_kennster says:

    yea shes real ;) very pretty too!

  8. nate mc says:

    Oh jesus it’s a public venue, don’t wanna be spotted or taped DONT GO TO VEGAS! Cameras are everywhere in vegas.


  9. teh_BF says:

    Aye, quite pretty indeed – and also taken. Sorry guys, this one’s mine. =

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