this is us, come say hi

this is us. come say hi and get free stuff.

me (vince)

him (eliot)


  1. effinkid says:

    BAH!. I want to be at defcon SOOOO BAD.

  2. Dave Alexander says:


    I <3 Hackaday.


  3. windwaker says:

    No hacker shirts.

    I repeat, no hacker shirts.


  4. barbobot says:

    Now all you have to do is remeber to buy their tee shirts that absolutely do not support corprate america.

  5. kyleyankan says:

    hey – is the august 4th philly meeting still on? If so – where is it at?

  6. that guy says:

    ok, yeah, so this is charming and all, but where are the hacks?

  7. MrVackAlleySka says:

    In your brain if you REALLY think that’s all people here care about #4

  8. John Wiley says:

    Thanks Guys, great site and It’s great to be able to put faces with the names for once!

  9. horace fields says:

    groovy site people!!!!!!

  10. a says:

    Send Info How A great Hacker Works, By What Language, Learn me more About It , It’s all about Technology Rebellation

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