defcon day 2 – don’t use the atm


The ATM machines here at Defcon all now have Defcon logos and stuff on the screens. There’s also a talk on hacking ATM machines. So therefore, we’re guessing the ATM machines have been compromised so for every dope using them and getting hit with the $2.00 fee: Pshhhh….go fsck yourself.


  1. sneakerelph says:

    ok, will do

  2. Brnzwngs says:

    right, I guess that’s a bit of an oxymoron for defcon…

  3. gary says:

    although information on a convention many of your readers will never attend is cool, It would better fit the name of the site if you actually offered at least one hack per day. now I know that researching and posting hacks can be difficult at a con, so here’s an idea. Why don’t you find one of the many devices being displayed at Defcon, preferably one with a website or at least an article online about it, and link it to the latest post. that way you can go to the con while not pissing off those that visit your site regularly.

  4. matt2 says:

    shut up gary

  5. mikezila says:

    How about you just suck it up and deal with it? It only happens once a year.

  6. Dude, I’m sure if you were there you wouldn’t want to be looking around for something to post on your hypothetical website…go read some old hacks if you’re that desperate. I’m sure there are some you don’t remember.

  7. Gino says:

    this really intrigues me. All the devices we use every day are just waiting to be hacked. Dunno what you call it, but this stuff interests me a lot more than regular old “computer” hacking. I’d love to see more hacks along the lines of the coke machine hack and stuff like this:,1848,68370,00.html

  8. joelanders says:

    that is the funniest thing i have ever seen. ya i would definitely not stick my card in that one. probably steals card data and pin number if it was meant to be malicious. cracks me up. thanks for the great coverage guys. a lot of us appreciate it.

  9. THE MAD MUHZARK says:

    “although information on a convention many of your readers will never attend is cool, It would better fit the name of the site if you actually offered at least one hack per day.”

    Are you serious? I live on the other side of the country, and if I had known how awesome defcon was I would have made plans to go this year, definatly gonna go next time, thats for sure. Just the pics and info on this event are equal entertainment as to the usual hack, besides, if you want a hack that bad, go out and make one up, my computer still doesn’t put bread in the toaster and butter it for me at 7:30AM, so figure out a way to do that, using only parts from the salvation army.

  10. Tony Rayo says:

    heh it’s REALLY worth paying the few $$$ for fraud insurance if your credit card company doesn’t offer it for free. I don’t think the hax is setup to capture CC info (for a number of reasons), but you really don’t know how much time and what the intent of some of these hax are.

    Also, come Defcon I’m sure all of the local hotels notice a significant drop in PPV charges as well as a massive surge in internet use… crash teh infostructure!!! Also I understand where gary is coming from, but I have attended numerous tech/gaming conventions (plus the random visit to Otakon) and everyone is trying to chug enough coffee/bawls/etc just to see 1/2 the stuff they want to see. Props to them for being able to post anything at all, although it really makes me want to go. Oh well, I already have reservations for TGS (Tokyo Game Show) this yeah, w00t to hax0ring the PS3!!!

  11. Andrew says:

    Gary = Dumbass

  12. Buthidae says:

    Gary, you’re on to something! :-)

    Guys, I’m liking the coverage, but how about finding a cool little insano-gadget, or looking at a few toys and ponder possible hacks, give it a hack-a-bility rating? That’d be pretty cool (plus I’m sure the vendors wouldn’t mind a few extra sales!)

  13. G_e says:

    No one has ever really considered the atm’s on site as safe. Well, no one who was sober anyway…

  14. scary.

  15. Aaron says:

    DefCon was great, and you two weren’t so bad yourself.

    If I find you again tomorrow, I’m getting the damn shirt, no more stickers, the shirt.

  16. Shaver says:

    Hacking atms is an old idea, referenced in the movie Hackers actually. One should note, its also referenced as one of the stupidist things a hacker could do because its the equivalent of robbing a bank and normally follows with an inquiry from the FBI….something that hacking normal housewares doesn’t.

  17. wes says:

    It would be cool to just change the picture.

  18. Mr_flibble says:

    I’m just curious how you know about the 2 dollar fee….did you use it??!!

  19. rednerd says:

    I’m pretty certain that the ATM’s were rented by DT & Company with the Defcon logo installed on purpose. All three ATM’s in the lobby had the same logo.

    With that said would I never use an ATM at the Alexis Park. There is a casino (The Hard Rock) right across the street with plenty of security so you know there is a much slimmer chance that a line tap or rouge video camera will appear around those ATM’s.

    As an interesting note the voice mail system did get owned this year. Pretty funny, for about two seconds.

  20. mike says:

    The ATM’s were programmed with the Defcon logo by the ATM company. The ATM tech told me that you load a photo onto the ATM through USB port on the motherboard. You plug in a thumbdrive with an appropriately sized image, and load it from there. The motherboard also has ethernet and cellular connections. It’s a pretty interesting ATM. There are pictures of the insides of it at our site, here

  21. eunjin _ sz says:

    haha any ideas on how to hack one ?

  22. pastor says:

    hackerz i cant find the atm card slot,tired to look for. i need that detail for my project. please tell me where to find a faceplate or card slot

  23. led display says:

    But without ATM so trouble,
    I am no worry about it ,bec. onthing in my card

  24. Rob Ray says:

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