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  1. Bird603568 says:

    Duh its pico.

  2. Ben says:

    Sucks that Vince isn’t going to be contributing anymore, any reason for his departure? I’m a Winblows user unfortunately so i’ve got to go with Notepad :-/

  3. mike says:

    nano, never even heard of it before I started using Gentoo…now I wish it was on every machine I use.

  4. M@ says:

    emEditor – use it daily at work, the syntax highlighting is brillant, as is the search & replace with wildcards/regular expressions in any file(s) – shame it’s not free

  5. ohmigod that robot pooper thing is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen. did you read that, the janitor wanted to clean it but said that guy’s been in there all morning?! HAHAHA

  6. yo_tyler says:

    im havng problems with the polls. if i try and vote from withing my rss reader (thunderbird) it says “The requested poll is no longer available. Please press your back button.” if i open the webpage and vote, it works fine. And Oh, i use notepad.

  7. mek2600 says:

    for all of you stuck on windows give notepad++ a shot. it’s better than metapad, etc. it has all the standard features- tabs, color coding based on extention, etc

  8. Bucky says:

    it’s all about metapad.

    I also thought I’d mention that I had a dream about hackaday last night. I dreamed that the make magazine blog suddenly had a black background, lower-case text, and was a member of weblogs inc. i remember thinking they were posers and being really mad. go hackaday.

  9. TextWrangler (it never said it had to be command-line!)

  10. Slash says:

    tfc on a thumbdrive is kind of lame…

    Step 1. Get any game that total install size fits on your thumbdrive.

    Step 2. Copy whole folder onto thumbdrive.

    What would be much more interesting would be to install a linux distro on the pen drive and install QWTF or ETF on it. Then you have a whole portable OS which is also ready for TF gaming. Of course, hardware detection for the video card and installing the right binary drivers would have to be a consideration. If only I had a thumbdrive :[

  11. SMOKEAJAY says:

    Kate – I’m just so use to it’s syntax highlighting. I can’t be arsed to change.

  12. windwaker says:

    Vince? GONE?

    Aaaaw. It’s not really that he was a good guy, just that he helped out on here. Do you need someone else to help out, Eliot? ;|

  13. mek2600 says:
  14. savagethe3rd says:


  15. xFred says:

    nano on Unix….by FAR the best and smallest footprint

  16. lehmon says:

    pico all the way. That’s where we started in programming class when i was a freshmen in HS. It’s a good one and easy to use.

  17. Gil creque says:

    I mainly use Windows and nothing can beat Uedit32 http://www.ultraedit.com.

  18. Brian says:

    I’ve tried a lot of text editors, and by far SciTE is the best I’ve used.

  19. t3h.l33t says:

    Score list hacking? I did that ages ago. Anyone with the Asteroids dashboard widget for Mac OS X have a look in the high scores. It’s incredibly easy!

  20. ccrook says:

    Nano, joe, or pico. In that order. Whatever is available.

  21. ryan says:

    I’m naturally “happy” to see vi in the lead, but what I’m really curious about is whether those who chose vi over emacs (or vice-versa) learned to use vi/emacs/etc first. i’d suspect there’s a good correlation between the first editor used and preferred editor…

    as for me, I was taught (in intro. programming classes) to use emacs first but grudgingly learned vi out of necessity. as I became more comfortable with vi, I stopped using emacs entirely.

    I’m not trying to start a debate on the merits of vi or emacs, so please don’t take it that way :).

  22. toto says:

    TextWrangler in the GUI, pico in the CLI

  23. suntiger says:

    The MS-DOS Text Editor (edit.exe). On my IBM PS/2 55SX complete with Model M keyboard. It’s pure, unformatted text-editing NIRVANA.

    Or maybe I’m just a psychopath.

  24. ccrook says:

    For windows, Notepad2 works well

  25. Robstafarian says:

    emacs in a Linux console, scite in GUI (be it Windows or Linux). I don’t understand why anyone uses notepad. though using scite in Windows can be disorienting, great text editor surrounded by crap.

    P.S. This was written with a Model M attached to heavily tuned Athon box, back to the future and all that.

  26. davey says:

    nano and pico is sooo n00bish. Vim is way more powerfully and emacs is just way to bloated. Although Vim is definatly much harder to use than nano, it’s worth the time to learn it. Whenever I install gentoo, the first thing I install after boot straping would be vi.

  27. deadlygopher says:

    Pico is the best. Shame on you for leaving it out. I am also partial to jEdit.

  28. kevin says:

    nedit in x, nano in terminal, but if im stuck with vi(m) i’ll take that over emacs.

  29. marc says:

    word perfect!!!

  30. Bitslash says:

    pencil and paper guys, pencil and paper

  31. Bryan Price says:

    I use Ultraedit32 on Windows. Pico or Nano on my shell account (which seems to depend on how my ISP is feeling these days).

  32. hackmiester says:

    Joe. It’s got syntax highlighting and quick commands. The end. I don’t need anything fancy.

  33. The Steven says:

    EDLIN was my friend for years!

  34. will says:

    nano, pico, or if neither are available, vi(or vim)

  35. skab says:

    ~I perfer echoing to a file location.

  36. Michael says:

    Crimson Editor has to be the best one out there, for windows that is. vi for linux

  37. Mooga says:

    Why is vince leaving?
    Can you give us more information?

  38. andrew says:

    vim for life. I started out my *nix text editing with things like gedit and such, then started using emacs a little, then vim, then nano, and back to vim and I’ve been there ever since.

  39. IMWeasel says:


  40. mike says:

    nano, with an alias for ‘pico’

  41. I’ve been using gedit recently… it came with Gnome/Ubuntu, and it has more/better options than notepad, which I use in Windows. In FreeDOS (which I used a little) I liked the standard editor (so blue…). I’m really not that picky and I usually don’t really need any spiffy formatting when I write my own stuff. If I need any I type in html, using paragraph, bold and italic tags.

    So…why’d Vince leave? I hope it was on good terms. Seemed like a cool guy, anyway.

  42. jimmys says:

    Whether the change is major or minor, I’m curious about hackaday’s mission statement. Does it value quantity over quality? I would gladly visit a site that had interesting quality articles only several times a week rather than a site that was trying to be slashdot.

    That and vi is great only after you memorize the main commands.

  43. aHanson says:

    Nano. It rocks.

  44. matt says:

    Personally I use ConTEXT in Windows. It’s neat, plus you can write your own highliters for it (and obviously download them too).

    Sucks that Vince is leaving. He seemed like a pretty cool guy too.

  45. mmgm says:

    definitely nano.

  46. jeffers says:

    I use vi[m] for everything. Ace prog. BTW: its also available for windows (gVim32). DOWNLOAD IT NOW ;)

  47. Eru says:

    Nano any time I can possibly get my hands on it, (tho I added my own syntax highlighted into it, huray for open source!). If hell has opened and Im being forced into using windows, it HAS to be ultraedit, tho I respect anyone using notepad, because it looks so much like a linux prog :).

  48. smilr says:

    vim is what I use, but I voted for vi anyway.

    As for the TFC on a usb drive – I really like that Steam, while a bloated buggy unnecessary piece of software, keeps all it’s dependencies within it’s own folder, rather than strewn about the harddrive and windows registry. No, it’s not new to take something like that and throw it on an external drive to take with you, but it is nice to see another windows program so loosely coupled to the specific image of the operating system on which it was installed. Kudos++ for Valve.

  49. Kryptographik says:

    I seriously cannot edit any file longer than a few lines in anything other than vi.

    And for Windows, Prolix owns everything mentioned up there.

  50. Ibaun says:

    why, pico ofcourse

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