PDA SD expansion

secure digital wifi expansion

Okay, if yesterday’s hack didn’t turn your stomach, this one will. It was inspired by this previous feature hack. After splitting open the PDA and a secure digital wifi card you solder the two together. When you are done you should have a PDA with built in wifi and an open SD card slot. I guess it works, but how is it that simple?

[thanks Dave]

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Hackaday links

Just a quick update before I head to the airport. I would have told you Amarillo folks I was coming if I had been spending more than 24 hours here.

A few have asked about the Philly meetup. I don’t live in Philly, Vince does, I live in Lincoln, NE. So, feel free to hold meetings and I will post announcements, but i’m not going to be in PA. As always you can check out #hackaday on EFnet.

Do you know the story of the late John Britten? He built a competitive GP bike from the ground up. Now you can buy one for $249K. It’s unfortunate that Britten passed nearly 10 years ago, but at least the MotoCzysz C1 is trying to recapture the spirit.

[Luke Kanies] tipped me that Paul Frank was on the cover of Inc. magazine wearing a Hack-A-Day Beanie. Uh, we don’t make beanies. I checked out the magazine and it is really difficult to make out. A little googling turned up Paul Frank’s Skurvy product line.

[under_R_run] abuses a kiosk in Baltimore
How not to build a laptop [benhou]
Cyborg name generator – because you have to put google ads next to something

I was trying to use pickupline to bypass the wireless captive portal at Denver International yesterday, but was having problems. I think they hard coded eth1 into the spoofer. Anybody else had a chance to play with this? Time for round two.

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