Hackaday links

I am about to head out to see Murderball, but don’t think I’ve neglected the links for today.

Is your hard drive toast? Maybe not. [phuzzy3d]
The x86 still. Sure it is constantly overheating, but that is what the reset button is for. [Tired2]
Use your PC as a loader for Playstation 2 HDLoader. [kevin]
Brain-Wave Machine? [camzmac]
Cubicle light controller [Brent Bublitz]
Fixing flash drive corruptions [anonymous]


  1. Mac says:

    my hats off to you who use the brain wave machine. not only is is complex but it probbably would have unusual effects, such as does a placebo. (yeah, look that one up you sugar pill fanatics)

  2. windwaker says:

    Hah. The brain-wave machine only affects you subconcsciously, however, that’s -insanely- old news.

  3. The cubicle light controller page has exceeded its bandwith :(
    got mirror?

  4. Gamblore says:

    That PS2 stuff is Super Old news by like a year. Also HDL_dumb is by far inferior to WinHIIP.


  5. absh says:

    is it just me, or have the links been getting exponentially more boring during the past month?

  6. Bird603568 says:

    Tired2 thank you for posting the x86 still for me because I’m lazy.

  7. thom says:

    wow whats with the year old post on hdl_dumb?

    Why not link to a more up to date place, say the official site?


  8. Brent says:

    I have the files to mirror, but no where to put them. Just purchased a domain, but it will not activate for 72 hrs. Anyone up to hosting? E-mail me..

  9. GRimo says:

    Boring links to us does not mean its boring to everyone. However I do agree that the quality of information found in the links has reduced. We can not really blame the hack-a-day team for this.

    I would like to see a new hack challenge or something. Either that or user feedback to discuss current projects they are working on.

    But thats just my opinion.

  10. GRimo says:

    #7 aka Brent. Ill put it up for people if you like, or you can upload them to my site. Just click my name. :)

  11. Brent says:

    #9, GRimo
    Thanks, but:
    (111) Connection refused


    E-mail me at junktoart@yahoo.com and I can provide the files. My appologies to all who are trying to look at this. Didn’t think it would get accepted, crushed my site. Huray for me.

  12. mikeroq says:

    Damn, geocities. If anyone wants. This is to anyone, even ppl who submit links, I can mirror your page for free if you have bandwidth limitations. Just email me at mikeroq@gmail.com

  13. People please! Remember when we talked a while back about putting up a corel cache?


    we need to look at doing this regularly because that way we can enjoy it for longer then 3 clicks. Please think of your fellow hack-a-dayers and mirror please.

  14. GRimo says:

    (111) Connection refused…

    My host went down for 8 minutes. We are experiencing some really wierd weather conditions here in Australia.

  15. Brent says:

    Hal Hockersmith : corel cache

    Good idea, I would propose that is something that should be mentioned during the sub process. It didn’t occour to me until it was too late.

    Hackaday admins listening?


  16. GRimo says:

    The cube control is now on Mongvision – http://www.mongvision.com

    There is a quick link in the news section (front page in the middle) to go straight there.

  17. OK lets make this easy for the admins shall we? Just go to http://www.hockersmith.net/FirefoxHacking/index.html
    and get the NYUDit bookmarklet. It automaticaly adds the .nyud.net:8090 to the link then opens it.

  18. Cbob says:

    AMD still? Neat concept, but (old)BAD execution if you drink the gunk that comes off of it. Solder and booze is a bad mix from way back. The alcohol will make some very interesting organic lead compounds out of that solder.

  19. Cbob says:

    AMD still? Neat concept, but (old)BAD execution if you drink the gunk that comes off of it. Solder and booze is a bad mix from way back. The alcohol will make some very interesting organic lead compounds out of that solder.

  20. twitchy says:

    Murderball rocked.

  21. Jack Straw says:

    The flash drive post, and the dead HDD fixer article were both low quality – especialy amature.
    they certainly aren’t hacks.
    hackaday aint what it used to be – it’s dying a slow cancerous death.

  22. nuffle says:

    If you’re interested in trying out some brainwave expirementation, check out sbagen (http://uazu.net/sbagen/). Open source project, runs on linux & win. Comes with a lot of premade “programs” for different effects (concentration, sleep, relaxation, etc).

    I use it to help me sleep at night pretty regularly, though apparently some people use it to transcend the earthly confines of time and space ;P

  23. gunforhire says:

    I thought it wasn’t possible to use a hard drive once the unit had been opened because even a tiny particle of dust would be enough to cause the read/write head to skip and crash into the disks…

  24. Terin says:

    I’m going to go see murderball too. And Rugby ROXS. Message by the FLTRU.

  25. ryan says:

    if you didn’t let any dust in you’ll be fine

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