Homemade PBX


We’ve talked about using Asterisk as a home PBX, but what if you hand built your own PBX? It is an interesting read covering how a home phone system works.  There is an example situation of how this system would be used. The hand drawn schematics are cute too. I doubt anyone would try this now, but it is neat to see how a nonsoftware based system would work.

[thanks joelanders]


  1. anonymous says:


    There is still some software involved, very low level but software none the less.

  2. Sweet. I just may build one for my parents when I return to visit them early next year, LOL…
    But yeah, intercom’s all over. Even to the barn. And a mic built into the mailbox.

  3. nickcharleton says:

    where are the $100 laptops?

  4. xSmurf says:

    This is a bit off, but anyone has seen plans for something like this:
    modem->phone line->acoustic coupler

    Such that I could plug the coupler in the normal phone plug of the modem, power it with a battery (or usb anyone?) and couple the coupler, rofl, with the phone handset… Dial from the phone and pick up the modem. Dialup access from anywhere for as low as 0.25$ per connection. Or extreme remote wardialing for the more adventurious of hackaday readers (not that I condon that in anyways). All from the remotest place around! And mostly for the kick of it :p

  5. I’m wondering if anyone ever did soundcard->acoustic coupler = modem

    No really I’m serious someone should write a modem stack for ipodlinux

  6. Christian Nelson says:

    I wonder what it would take to set it up with a small transmitter, and use it to controll old cell phones like two way radios, say in a two or three mile area?

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