Hackaday links

Yes, the “Best of WIN” are auto posted by someone else in the system and will probably continue to be posted long after I’m dead. If you are wondering, they turned off commenting because of us; someone seems to have deleted the comments though.

[toby whittome] is quite happy using GPS on his bicycle
Telemarketing counter-script [angrygoatface]
Adventures of iGuy, looks like he hasn’t gotten very far [Anonymous]
[preston] pointed us to these tshirts, I personally prefer Downhill Battle and Creative Commies
Build a hovercraft, somebody submit a better link [Howard]
Go cart links [Howard]
[tdstr] suggests building a centronics cable for your CVS camcorder instead of the Palm cable
While you’re at it you might as well change the screens [caRpespasm]
Homemade submarine [Billy Bones]

I’ll leave you with this XP alarm clock from [kth]:

Use the “Scheduled Tasks” feature that comes with Windows, but when the wizard asks for a program, instead supply an mp3 filename. When the time comes, the task scheduler will open the mp3 file with the associated app. I just tested it and it definitely works.

Wait, one more thing: What do you want to see on or change about Hack-A-Day? That should make for some interesting reading.


  1. Sitting_Duck says:

    How about some kind of small hosting area, i.e; so people can submit hacks who don’t have webspace? perhaps allow people to send in pdf’s or some open source format?

  2. rhys says:

    nothing to see here, move along.

  3. Robert says:

    The counterscript sounds like a good idea, although asking who is calling normally allows you to determine what they are trying to sell you, they can’t get around that question with some fancy answer.

    On a more serious note, if you live in the UK then you are protected by new legislation that make telesales illegal if you choose to opt-out. You can register at http://www.tpsonline.org.uk/tps/ I used to get 5 or 6 telemarketing or silent calls (autodialler with no operator to handle the call when you pickup) every day, I don’t get any now.

  4. add a n00b section for noobies like me :)
    i lack the leet hackaday skillz :/
    hahah…. i’ve made a hovercraft though!

  5. windwaker says:

    oh my -god-. Talk about oooold links. That CVS red thing has been around for a long, long time.

  6. There’s a “Do Not Call” list in the US too, but it seems to lack teeth.

    I’m not sure that I’d want a n00b section (even though I am a n00b myself). I feel like if I really wanted to (and had the moneys) I could figure out at the very least half the hacks–at least the ones with instructions.

    Finally, I liked the submarine. I wonder if it works? A video would be cool.

  7. jr0d kr!p says:

    hey the guy with the personal submarine lives in austin texas! im gunna see if i can c it in person…

  8. LED_scorched says:

    how about we lose the “beta” finally? :P

  9. memodude says:

    #8 led_scorched

    no, teh beta is cool! :d

  10. alex says:

    uh…. we can’t get rid of the “beta” status if we’re talking about adding on new features…. duh!

  11. robog2 says:

    I know it would be quite a hastle but I would love to see more than two comments a day. This is one of the best places to get inspiration for a new project.

  12. zinguvok says:

    dammit, i’ve been using Task Scheduler as an alarm clock for years! :)

  13. Shark500 says:

    i would like to see people submit their personal hacks in video format. they could even use the cvs video camera. i think it would be awsome for people to submit their own “Systm” type short hacking videos. but that is more of a suggestion to all the hackers out there.

  14. weirdguy0101 says:

    more contests! Like, get the hack-a-day logo to appear on gadgets that you need to hack to get the logo to show! Also, I would like the hackaday weekly roundup back!

  15. dustin says:

    The hovercraft link is just a bad ripoff of a thing I ordered out of the back a a magizine once. The magizine one was better.

  16. T3MPO says:

    i think that u guys could use a better navigation technique, like a larger bar at the top of the page, or just larger.

  17. Jason hazel says:

    i’ve been doing the task scheduler alarm clock for years also. the one thing it really lacks is a snooze.

    I end up having a primary alarm (my cellphone) and then some annoying ass song via task scheduler as my backup alarm

  18. Joe says:

    gee, they should advertise the weblogs inc network on the top, bottom, and side of every page instead of the dumb best of weekly posts. that way you could waste space on every pageload, in addition to clogging up the blog.

    theres more damn weblogs inc content on this page than hackaday content

  19. www51 says:

    Nothing is new. I wonder if it works?

  20. lehmon says:

    This is the site you’re looking for with the hovercraft: http://amasci.com/amateur/hovercft.html

    I made it myself not too long ago and it works like a dream…

  21. ciAN MM says:

    i built the hovercraft for the young scientest ireland awards, and came 3 place in my catigry! i just built the main, round base, aded a seat and two leafblowers for thrust and got

  22. msg43 says:

    Is web blog inc free? If not why not switch to a regualar host that offers php and mysql. I really hate all the crappy adds and the web blog inc every were.

  23. memodude says:

    #18 joe & #22 msg43

    agree totally. why not code your own blogware and run it on your own servers? then you don’t have to pay anything to win and you have full control over your blog.

  24. john gilman says:

    What? You can use task scheduler to play an MP3 at a certain time?

    I’m so glad Windows 98 has been such a positive experience that we all still remember it.

    Next up on hackaday:
    * Launch your programs using the Start button! *

  25. Mofo says:

    Uhhh… win pays them to blog on hack a day. They don’t pay a cent for it. Its owned and hosted by win, and they pay the posters salaries.

  26. Sp3c says:

    Pena que nao e em ingles o manual
    por favor pessoal da HackaDay me envie o email de vc’s

  27. SG111 says:

    Nothing wrong at all with making blogs and getting paid for it!

  28. Milton says:

    How about some capitalization?

  29. rhys says:

    #28, but small caps are so l33t…

  30. subvert says:

    I’d like to see more posts like the other day with original content (preferably with some kind of jump cut, so those of us following the feed on another page don’t have our other feeds shoved off so easily. But that’s really more my problem than yours).

    The links are fine, but seeing them over and over again in other places (who also credit the original source instead of just whomever emails them to you) becomes tiresome. Follow other site’s cue and require anyone that sends in a link also say where they found it.

    Also on the topic of links… I’d like them to be more descriptive than funny. I may not click on some mystery link because the humorous description doesn’t necessarily tell me what I’m going to see.

  31. x9 says:

    I have used this forever on m3u playlists, you simply put a quote around the playlist location, and shove your favorite *wakeup* music in, and maybe a end task time (if for some reason you’re not home that day and forgot).

    Oh yeah, turn your sound up enough.

  32. RUNAMUCK says:

    suggestion: make links open in NEW WINDOW.

    also, i find theres a considerable delay when going back to hackaday.com site after clicking an external link…why is that?

  33. Rich says:

    I might just be dense, but I think an IRC channel or maybe a forum of some sort would really rock. I’d love to be able to ask some questions and get a wide array of responses.

  34. tman says:

    how about publishing real .torrent files instead of magnet links (with out asking, cuz you know some files like movies will be swamped when you post ‘em) unfortunately, not everyone has discovered Azureus.

    oh, and loose the lowercase crap. or let people opt out with a html like [upper] uppercase tag [/upper]. It may look “kewl” but it causes problems. Come on, you want to be posex compliant, right?

  35. tman says:

    how about publishing real .torrent files instead of magnet links (with out asking, cuz you know some files like movies will be swamped when you post ‘em) unfortunately, not everyone has discovered Azureus.

    oh, and loose the lowercase crap. or let people opt out with a html like [upper] uppercase tag [/upper]. It may look “kewl” but it causes problems. Come on, you want to be posex compliant, right?

  36. wanabehacker says:

    i need to learn how to hack? is this a gud site?

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