Hackaday links

At my request, [stok] added some info on the board etching process to his GPS “thingy” page.

I met former editor Jason Striegel at DefCon this summer and was thoroughly convinced that he was not a robot. I guess I was wrong.

Well, my Facebook link really took off. If you’re looking for other readers at your school, just check out my friends from “Other Schools”, those are all Hack-A-Day readers. Trying to kill some time? Go hunting for the female reader.

[Jettz] has started posting some VB tutorials.

The GoogleTalk fan site is already up. [Sam]

[shandar] suggested ShouldExist for getting project ideas. The HalfBakery would probably work too.

How-to cram a MDD dual processor G4 into a G5 case. [thanks Anthony]

Get 8-bit sound from your parallel port. [camzmac]

Interesting interactive audio/video projects

Some readers have put together a Hack-A-Day Folding@Home team. Hmm


  1. furtim says:

    “Thingy” works, I guess. ;P I know I gave you a hard time back on that page’s comments, so I want to clarify that you guys do great work here. If you get extremely pedantic comments from time to time… well, it’s because you have technical/engineering types reading this for whom small details mean a Hell of a lot. (For example, knowing whether you’re using metric or English units in your space probe…) None of it’s meant personally.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Contrary to popular belief, there *ARE* female hackaday readers. My g/f reads the site with moderate frequency and owns a hacked CVS camera.

  3. neozidane52 says:

    heh… i know whats wrong with the logo. the beta is missing ;)

  4. heh,heh… I know it is all in good spirits [furtim]. I’m glad to have you as a regular commenter. It’s funny you said pedantic because I was considering linking to this: http://www.goats.com/store/images/pedants_preview.gif

  5. furtim says:

    Hahaha. I’d never join willingly, but I probably deserve membership anyway. ;)

  6. prozack says:

    they should take the beta away on the anniversery or how the heck you spell it

  7. b0rg says:

    lets take the hackaday folding@home team to the top, go ahead and join the team or change your team number to 44851!

  8. sgstair says:

    hardly 8-bit sound… all that can be is 2-bit, 2-channel.. shoulda used an R2R :)

  9. al says:

    “Shouldexist” has got to be the coolest site ever

    Ideas spring forth just scanning the page

    Thanks for the link

  10. gino says:

    I saw ShouldExist on StumbleUpon a few days ago. Definitely awesome.

  11. magnavoid says:

    yes, the beta is missing. maybe its time its removed… errr oh well….

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