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I managed to round up some project boxes when I was home this weekend: 17 peppermint, 7 wintergreen, 4 cinnamon, 1 liquorice, and 1 clone.

[someguy_08527] was annoyed that I hadn’t posted his tree sap removal hack:

if youve ever had a car that you want to keep nice, im sure some of you have had the unfortunate experience of having tree sap drip on it

Mac mini robot

The University of Oklahoma wanted to get a good idea of what it is like to operate a robot using visual and aural sensors before they built one of their own. They started with the Pioneer 3-AT robotics platform. They added a Mac Mini and powered it using a 12V battery and an inverter (this was only a temporary setup). The Pioneer is controlled through a USB-to-serial connection. An iSight camera provides visual feedback. Turning control is jerky over the WiFi connection, but since this will eventually be an autonomous system it isn’t a concern. It is a nice quick proof-of-concept.

[thanks Jason Striegel]

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