is back online

Yes, I’m going to dedicate an entire post to this. Limor is one of our favorite hardware hackers, but her site was unfortunately down last week when we picked it for Editor’s Choice. Well, she is back from vacation and has gotten the site back online as promised. Take some time to check out her great projects: the Minty MP3, Mini POV, and my favorite, the x0xb0x.


  1. mrdelayer says:

    first post.

    i’d like to build the x0xb0x. sounds kinda cool.

  2. delinquent says:

    Woohoo. I was wondering why it was down. I’m glad I couldn’t find anything except google cache that had the minty tutorial. Means everyone is giving credits like they should.


  3. wifigod says:

    It may be back up, but it’s slow as molassass. :(

  4. windwaker says:

    slow news today eh?

    I loved the site, and am glad to see it’s back up.

  5. ladyada says:

    this is ridiculous :P

    but to make it a worthwhile post: theres a new documented project up, which was rather well beta-tested at burningman and is a good, solid design. hardware/firmware/software available. (documentation is not completely finished yet, i have to get more ‘in use images’ and kit parts are on order but not in yet)

    i think right now its not in the happiest condition, and theres a large number of connections (as everyone who’s been trying to download something for the last week goes at it all at once)
    so, be a little gentle, thanks!

  6. Yeah, I should have thrown in “welcome back! we’re going to hammer your server now.”

  7. windwaker says:

    Who’s up for some hotlinking? ^_^

  8. dax says:

    Looks like you hackdotted her site.

    Its down again! LOL

  9. ANDY PITTS says:

    Should have thrown in “Get some decent webhosting and we’ll link you again.”

  10. LOL says: is back offline

  11. michael says:

    We should be using Coral Cache ( for the links.

  12. miah says:

    CoralCache is great, and I highly suggest using it. But take note, if you are sitting behind a really restrictive proxy, it may block access to sites via the CoralCache.

  13. calgar says:

    gah, i missed it again!!

  14. Alexander says:
  15. LuisManson says:

    down again? i will have to mirror this site :S

  16. barbobot says:

    Cool site, the etherwidget is quite cool

  17. ladyada says:

    the complete site (except for forums) is mirrored at (which is a better machine than i have)

  18. alexander says:

    great, thanks!

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