Google Hacks for Fun and Profit

We’ve all played with Google hacks. Here is a short, quite incomplete list of irreverant uses for our engine of worship. Post your favorite Google hackage in the comments. I, for one, welcome our new Google overlords.

Google cooking, around since 2002 and perhaps even before: simply list the various ingredients in your fridge and your cupboard to google-spit out a recipe

Perl fun with the Google API: $1

PyGoogle for Python fanatics: $2

Being able to Google in your command line: Priceless

A whole book chock full of Google hacks including yummy adwords hacking [pdf]

Craigslist + Google Maps == bliss for apartment hunters

A sobering use of Google Maps: updatable trajectory of hurricane Rita [via BoingBoing and Markie]

When video met Google, DVD Jon wrote a script to use Google’s VLC video player to play non-google-hosted content

Fun for VJ’s and Anit-TV-peeps

A Honeypot for those of you worried about others using malicious Google hacks on your sites

Once again, post your fave Google hacks in the comments.


  1. Droctogon says:

    filetype is always one I use. You use it like this:

    filetype:doc finance

    doc is the file extension and finance is what is searching for.

  2. John Bokma says: for some examples that use the Google API (and not)

  3. Josh says:

    Google MP3 search:
    -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” mp3 “song title”

  4. nbcaffeine says:

    my favorite collection of google hacks

  5. william says:

    Google for [inurl:"ViewerFrame?Mode="] (without[]) and have fun! lots of them can be rotated and can zoom in! fave fun

  6. joejack says:

    yeah i love google. I found a full copy of the movie “layer cake” on some random guy’s server. Sometimes you run into a lot of broken links when searching for copyrighted materials, but if you persist…

  7. John Bokma says:

    @william: more fun:

    Also, a “recent” feature: 200 usd in euro

  8. Greg says:

    I am one of the lead developers on GHH, thanks for linking us up. I read HAD fairly regularly – you guys are doing a great job. The automated airsoft sentry simply owns.

  9. Surya says:

    What do you do when you find the enitre Star wars on google video? tell everybody about it.!!!

    Hers the link

    Lets see how much time google takes to put this down.

  10. Draggy says:
  11. Brian p says:

    My favorite is the Spam Map:
    but I’m biased since I created it. :)


  12. Robert says:
  13. is indead a very good site for google hacks. Thanks.


  14. chris says:

    a basic start on a google video rss

  15. chatnsearch says:

    Another Google hack – Enables people searcing for similar keywords to chat with one another.

  16. total_lam3r says: is a good site for googlehacks

  17. OctalMage says:

    Google Hacks is a compilation of carefully crafted Google searches that expose novel functionality from Google’s search and map services.

  18. init_6 says:

    The *.* is a wild card of course and everything after the @ sign is the page where you log into. There is a lot of forum postings of porn websites there user name and passwords lot of them don’t work, but you can find some. and when you do free porn. nothing better:) I downloaded the entire site of cdgirls once it was about 60gb.

  19. Allison says:

    Solemn article. It make me lost in thoughts.

  20. Adrian James Flynn says:

    How can you get in contact with GOOGLE EARTH to get an error in an address (More than 100 miles as the crow flies) Corrected?
    I have been trying to get this error corrected on GOOGLE maps for over 4 years with no luck.

  21. Raj says:

    Search and Hacked Google Search Engine For Blocked Files. Learn to find Movies, Videos, Songs and MP3 at google easily..Read the Hacking Tips

  22. Raj says:

    Search and Hacked Google Search Engine For Blocked Files. Learn to find Movies, Videos, Songs and MP3 at google easily..Read the Hacking Tips

  23. bob says:

    here is a google hack search inurl:/view/index.shtml
    on google,
    and it shows almost all webcams that are on

  24. petsgermanen says:

    look night greed you see look see

  25. areapplemail says:

    frog clean black german university home no ocean microsoft global steven

  26. intasop says:

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    Obstructions of any site, portal, shop!

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  27. sonix says:

    Well i usually use the google syntex commands, like inurl and others..

  28. Hungreb says:

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  29. Julo Argus says:

    Thanks, this was really a great read. So when is your next article coming? I can’t wait :)

  30. vtfgbh says:

    ksd ksd

  31. Hey, great site you have here. You should add in a way to make it easier to share your stuff add a twitter or stumble button somwhere. Also, I like how your comments are laid out, is it the default for your theme or did you customize it?

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