GPS NMEA spoofing

gps spoof

[Chris Barron] is getting pretty unnerved by the UK moving to charging for road use based on GPS coordinates. He built this device to prove that GPS data can be spoofed and shouldn’t be relied upon. He promises future firmware updates that will provide two knob etch-a-sketch style path control.

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Hackaday links

The comments on PSP downgrading keep growing. If you had trouble before, you might want to check back to see if some light has been shed.

Make a Nano lanyard from a firewire cable. [sentinel]

Restore your Nano’s original shine. [Mrgreen]

[DarkJimmy] made some Hack-A-Day buttons.

Check out [JunkToArt]‘s models built from PCMCIA cards and hard drives.

PS2, GameCube, XBox all in one box Looks like two optical drives too many. [via]

Extensive list of wardriving tools [via]

We love your links. We can’t post everything, but feel free to complain if we don’t post your link that goes nowhere, [Andrew] (did you mean the first link you sent in?)

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