Portable electromechanical slug thrower


The P.E.S.T. is a “centrifugal” launcher using a rotor powered by a DC motor to accelerate plastic BBs. It has a 50 round magazine and 3 fire modes: semi-auto, 3 round burst, and full-auto. Fire is not instantaneous because it takes 0.75 seconds for the rotor to spin up. If you follow this “read” link you’ll find a detailed description of the device. Photos can be found here.

21 thoughts on “Portable electromechanical slug thrower

  1. yeah, heh

    and i wonder if he will release the code for it?

    looks pritty simple to build, wonder if he will make a guide tho

  2. Just wondering, how do you actually stop the balls/ammo from rolling out of the barrel? i’m planning on making something along these lines and will post when i’m done. thanks

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