Portable electromechanical slug thrower


The P.E.S.T. is a “centrifugal” launcher using a rotor powered by a DC motor to accelerate plastic BBs. It has a 50 round magazine and 3 fire modes: semi-auto, 3 round burst, and full-auto. Fire is not instantaneous because it takes 0.75 seconds for the rotor to spin up. If you follow this “read” link you’ll find a detailed description of the device. Photos can be found here.


  1. Jaap Stolk says:

    the “read” and “read” links point to different sites..

  2. ultramagneus says:

    yeah, heh

    and i wonder if he will release the code for it?

    looks pritty simple to build, wonder if he will make a guide tho

  3. redfireant3 says:

    sweet, there are always pics of them but why hasnt anyone posted a DIY Chronograph?

  4. Edward Zieba says:

    There’s one there on the read link.

  5. kamet says:

    i thought using a DMM for the display of the chronograph was really clever.

    this is one sweet project

  6. Kibiyama says:

    “The P.E.S.T. is a

  7. jwstolk says:

    now one of the “read” links is gone :-)

  8. Yeah, the posting software wasn’t listening to me so I had to work around it.

  9. DeltaSpectre says:

    Wait, where does the slug come in again?

  10. bud newport says:

    PEST. Psst, and I thought it was a “slug” launcher. Would have made one of those-if it shot real “slugs”

  11. Drakonite says:

    If the person who made the site is listening.. frames are not your friend.

  12. ultramagneus says:

    @ 11, yeah, especially THAT many frames, just glad that firefox has a “view only that frame” feature :-D

  13. Fahad says:

    Why not P.E.L.T. (Portable Electromechanical Launcher/Thrower)? Seems like a more appropriate use of the word.

  14. ator1 says:

    Ooh, I like p.e.l.t. poppoppow “AAUURRGGH!”
    “You’ve just been PELTed, my friend.”

  15. PrawnJuice says:

    Damn that thing looks more sexy than my girlfriend. It reminds me of something from Warhammer 40,000.

  16. strider_mt2k says:

    The slug laucher’s only defense is the salt suit.


  17. bryon says:

    Nice project, but lets get the military involved: Check out the DREAD gun.


  18. 1000yrds says:

    Looking for some help. Those interested in this slug thrower and the dread gun may be interested.

    How to build this resetting target. I can’t afford the $1700.


    I’m handy with metal but not so versed in power/timer/software coding


  19. anon says:

    http://www.geocities.com/pest3125 is the ‘official’ website – it will go down due to excessive traffic. I put most of the photos on http://photos.yahoo.com/pest3125 to lower the BW of the main site. If you are having problems with the frames on the site, I am curious why – its written in pure html using Ace4html freeware and worked fine on Opera and IE.

  20. joshw says:

    neat, but once you scale it up, I imagine gyroscopic forces will become pretty significant. #17, I’m talkin’ to you.

  21. mf- says:

    Just wondering, how do you actually stop the balls/ammo from rolling out of the barrel? i’m planning on making something along these lines and will post when i’m done. thanks

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