Chaos Computer Club’s 22C3 Congress

Hack-A-Day is here at 22C3: Private Investigations, the Chaos Computer Club‘s annual hacker conference in snow covered Berlin, Germany. The CCC’s annual Congress is the European answer to Las Vegas located DEFCON. This 22nd annual conference has been lengthened from three days to four to be able to accommodate more talks.

We’ll be here all week reporting on the coolest hardware hack topics at the conference from talks to Blinkenlights. If you’re here, drop us a line in the comments!


  1. grayskies says:

    how does Fabienne get to go to all these fun events? she must have a hella bankroll to get to travel to Berlin (which is an awesome city, btw).

    Apologies for the usage of “hella”

  2. Steve says:

    i was just wondering the same thing. among other things, i’m upset that i didn’t see the hackaday/engadget job posting till today. c’est la vie.

  3. waldo says:

    how is this an “answer to defcon” if the upcoming defcon is # 14 and this is ccc # 22?

  4. icwiener says:

    damn… i’m from germany, but i dont have the time to go to berlin… maybe next time :)

    .. btw: join the #hackaday channel on EFnet.. thx

  5. fbz says:

    actually i live here in berlin as of a week ago. tschuss!


  6. mtn says:

    i’m here. saal 1 – we’re watching bladerunner right now – find us =)

    hint: adminspotting theme …

  7. Tim Pritlove says:

    HI Fabienne. Good to hear you’re with us this time. I like to meet you here. Please get in touch with me. Call 2342 on DECT or just ask for me anywhere.

  8. drendar says:

    Me and the NYC kids are representing the states as well…we’re usually hanging out in the Go lounge. =)

    Berlin is awesome!

  9. lexr3000 says:

    People thought fabienne had been fired when elliot wanted a engdget how-to but its nice to see you back on hackaday.

  10. ankush kulkarni says:

    c’est vrai…. but all the people do not have same destiny….

  11. herb says:

    I am soory this is a little different. How can I join this club? This is my dream [hacking. Merci!

  12. herb says:

    I am soory this is a little different. How can I join this club? This is my dream [hacking. Merci!

  13. tom says:

    electronic warfare/ information warfare exported from the uk by UK MilSatCom.
    global public at risk due to actions uk MoD, Malcolm Tombs and websiter {for funding illicit use radioactive materials}.

    public should be aware, for self defense need for hacking uk milsatcoms, CPU {orbital path}.
    uk milsatcom used for interception oral/written/electronic communication; cyber espionage/ cyber terrorism.

    have x/y locations to send satcom back to those threats to global public.

  14. enigma says:

    hmmm c.c.c. what was the reasoning for hacking me ? contact please

  15. cant says:

    groovy !!! satcom action !!

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