Simon Christmas wreath

simon wreath

Alright, one last holiday hack before we finish out the year. Every Christmas Eve [ryan rose]‘s family has a contest with a new theme. The challenge this year was to construct a Christmas wreath. Ryan decided to make a Simon Christmas wreath. He cut up a string of lights to produce the four separate color regions. He triggered the lights using an opti-isolator circuit and built buttons that look like presents. You can view his construction photos at Flickr and watch a video of it in action at YouTube.


  1. Sheldon says:

    Elegant hack (my g0d, he used a c-c-c-case!) but missing one minor item, did ryan win?!?

  2. bird603568 says:

    You cant win simon or am i that bad?

  3. j-dawg says:

    Ryan’s family sounds like it sucks.

  4. J3R3M4 says:

    Note that there are only 3 colors. I thought Simon had 4 (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green)?

  5. ryan rose says:

    There are 4 colors.. the game just didnt choose to use the yellow color on this round.

    And for the question above — as it happened — I came in 2nd. It was a tough panel of non-technology-loving Judges.

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