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The tip line has been pretty dry lately. Not really a lack submissions, just a lot stuff I can’t use because it has been covered everywhere else, like the multi-touch display. I’m not going to dedicate an entire day to something that’s already been on Engadget, Make, or Slashdot because you guys would be seriously pissed off. Reader tips drive this site and I would like to thank everyone that sends them in. You’re the reason this site stays fresh and original.

The Team Hack-A-Day folding team is looking for ways to boost production (being #47 is pretty good though). If you don’t know what the team is about, [Billy the Impaler] has a Valentine for you: The New & Improved Illustrated Folding@home Guide.

The #hackaday channel is still alive and well on EFnet. More links after the break.

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Hardware keylogger


Keelog.com has a really concise description of how to build a PS/2 based keylogger. The main components are an AT89C2051 microcontroller and a 24C512 serial EEPROM. Once it is plugged in, the device begins recording all of the codes generated by the keyboard. The data can then be dumped using their keygrab software.

[thanks Boss]

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