PC-to-R/C interface


Risto K?’s PC to R/C interface let’s you connect to your Futaba radio transmitter. You can use this device to do direct control of your R/C project: prewritten trajectories, user called macros, or direct PC joystick control. He’s built two versions. The original one used multiple D-latches. The second version was an attempt to reduce the number of components. It uses interrupts in the microcontroller software instead of the latches. This would normally cause a lot of jitter, but Risto implemented the interrupts in assembly. The controller can handle up to 16 channels. The LCD displays the last pulse-width and channel.

[thanks Will]

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FON arrival


Just a quick note: I received my FON router today. It’s a brand new Linksys WRT54GL with DD-WRT installed. With shipping it only cost $33. If you want a WRT that is guaranteed to run Linux, this price can’t be beat (if you’re in the first 3000).

P.S. I also received a big order from Jameco. Their “100 asst. sockets” doesn’t seem to have a single straight pin in it.

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