Commercial-grade TIG welder

tig welder

I use the qualifier “commercial-grade” here because this TIG welder project goes far beyond our junkyard TIG welder. The welder has a 180 amp capacity and has most (if not all) of the features of a modern welder. Instead of using a microprocessor, Dave Barrett decided to use discrete TTL and CMOS logic. That decision should make the design a lot easier to troubleshoot. Schematics and board layouts are on his site.

[UPDATE: I forgot to thank demmion for the tip]


  1. G says:

    another cool project this guy links to is the Oscilloscope built inside a gameboy cartridge:

  2. Dick says:


  3. smouldering-dog says:

    wow indeed. I just bought a commercial one of these — this article is great in that it shows the internals of what’d otherwise be a generic blue box.

  4. blah says:

    I think I saw this site a couple years ago.

    And the guy is still working on it!

    for the time and effort it would be better to just drop the $3000 on a real tig welder.

    I bet this thing cost 10 times that much, including the time.

  5. chuck says:

    I’m nearly completed with laying out this schematic – would like to speak with other folks building this project. Layout preview can be seen here:

  6. Larry fernandes says:

    I’am gathering parts for this welder project also. Would like to talk with others interested in this tig design. Just about finished assembling the bridge rectifier._i was able to find some huge diodes..

  7. Larry fernandes says:

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