Cheap car stereo


[Chris Rybitski] didn’t really have any money to spend when the headunit in his car died. He did have a broken JVC CD player from a friend and decided to convert that into something hideous he could use in the car. The amplifier portion still worked, but the CD section didn’t. Unplugging the CD board kept the amp from functioning, so he cut off the bulky motors instead. The internal power for the player was already 12V so he powered it directly from the car. He added an old CDROM drive, made a wired remote for the controls and stuffed everything in an old Mac case. Once completed, he set it under the rear glass for everyone to admire.


  1. Hopefully before that happens I get hired and get a decent system…

  2. djh says:

    I love it! Funny, and great work!

  3. Yea… Umm… I’m not worried about using the 7805 because the cd drive cost me nothing so if it fries then I just put a new one in. Personaly, to run a gps or something of that sort I would but a cell phone charger that has some sort of regulator built in (I assume most of them do, but could be wrong). But so far the 7805 is working fine.

  4. strider_mt2k says:

    I have to agree that this isn’t pretty or simple, but hacks are somethimes neither.
    I salute the effort!

    If it works, it’s good! :D

  5. OrbnLgnd says:

    48 Henry: it is generally considered wise to use a cap on the incomming voltage and another on the regulated output in order to clean up any ripple. Beyond that, the 78xx series is designed to be a ‘nearly complete’ power supply. 330Mucrofarads between incomming and ground, and 470microfarads between 5 volts and ground are common ‘pairs’ you could check the data sheet for how to choose your caps. Just make sure they are voltage rated for double your incomming voltage just to be safe. Also remember the package style of the 7805 determines the fuse rating. Tip220 pack on a heat sync should be good for a couple of amps. Keep the fuse at 3amps or less and you should be golden.

  6. psybiont says:

    This is truley a DIY, salvage operation to the fullest. Quintessential to the DIY philosophy. All you worried about aesthetics should take a course like ‘Radness 101′ because that’s exactly what you are not, rad.

    Big ups. Salvage the Planet!!!!

    PS. You’ve created such a disturbence within the hack a day community that you are now the fourth ‘most commented on’ project. Mad probs.

  7. Chris rybitski says:

    Recently I have relocated the “ugly box” into my trunk, where it should be…

  8. insomniac says:

    this project cracked me up :D the pictures of the case in the car and the close ups of the hacked up rear ‘panel’ just put it over the top – keep on makin things chad!

  9. tjl says:

    Cool Dude. Great work! A bit off the subject but hows the job search?

  10. chris rybitski says:

    Don’t have a job per se, instead I started making random crafty things and selling them… easy work and easy money… Although I have the money to buy a car stereo I’m not inclined to becasue this system works just fine…

  11. Ivan says:

    LOL!! That was genius. Never heard of anyone doing something like that. like to tinker myself, not usually with car stereos though.

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