Hack Media: Snoil


Snoil is a snake game rendered on a Ferrofluid display. There is a video of it in action plus some other interesting projects: artifical rain display, apeture based display, and a computational board game.

[via Waxy]

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Bawls automatic light

bawls lamp

[Alan] from Hacked Gadgets put this Bawls automatic light together pretty quickly. He used a photocell, transistor, LED, and a 9V battery to make it turn on automatically when the lights go out. It creates a nice eerie blue glow. You might remember that he isn’t the first Hack-A-Day reader to get lured in by the Bawls lamp. [Chris] made a cold cathode Bawls lamp last fall. I found this picture on ZapWizard’s photostream as well.

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