WiGLE data on Google Earth

wigle google earth

WiGLE is a massive user contributed database of WiFi access points and GPS coordinates. IronGeek decided to take that data and parse it into a KML file that Google Earth can understand. It uses cached data from WiGLE’s Java interface, JiGLE. Reader [bird603568] has been playing around with the script so that it will indicate the quality of service in addition to IronGeek’s showing whether or not WEP is being used. Visit his site if your interested the QOS feature.

[UPDATE: corrected based on bird603568's comments]


  1. bird603568 says:

    right now im i just started making it sort by QOS but im getting a parse error so it sould be fixed soon

  2. bird603568 says:

    my “mod” of iron geeks script shows qos, his script was the one that did if it was encrypted or not. just want to clearify that. also sorry for the site im busy

  3. Cool, glad that it’s made it’s way to HAD.
    Also don’t forget to visit the team hack a day website where bird and many other great hackers hang out and you can always get computer advice.
    Click my name and take a look around, we have a forum!

  4. bird603568 says:

    update: just finished making folders for QoS. you can see here http://www.personal.psu.edu/rlr5018/ge/3Qos.jpg QoS of only 3. also save the script and rename it. the icons need to be on the save level as the script.

    PS dont forget to join #hackaday on efnet for irc fun

  5. wim says:

    WIGLE is kind of cool, but they have a crazy EULA. I’m not willing to accept it to submit data.

  6. Chris says:

    Hi, if you got your own NS1 file especial from Networkstumbler. You can also use my littel “BUGGY” Java program to parse the NS1 file to a Google Earth file. You can find it: http://chris.mynnga.de/ns2kml/

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