Computer controlled light cube

led light cube

[Alex Hornstein] was bored one Saturday and decided to do something with the large pieces of scrap acrylic he had found. He built a cube and attached 15 RGB LED clusters along with 4 GB LED sticks. It takes 50W of power. The controller is built from ATmega48 and is controlled via serial commands over a wireless link from Spark Fun. You can find schematics, pictures, and video on his site, Art is Wrong.


  1. Ryan says:

    Wow! Already down, nice.

  2. craig says:

    Very cool. I could have used this in the Art course I’ve just finished!

  3. Computer_kid says:

    he should of called it the soul cube and had it say creepy phrases every 30 sec. :-)

  4. The nyud mirror got it before it died. Look over there.

  5. Dax says:

    Is it just me or does everyone seem to love anything that uses LEDs and cycles through colors?

    Its like such a stupidly simple thing but so infinitly intresting, like a lava lamp.

  6. Is there a flickr or something?
    Well anyways, the next step is to put a computer in it.

  7. eyeliner says:

    Great. He just happen to FIND acrylic. lucky fella. impressive, me thinks.

  8. Benjamin Roy says:

    This isn’t a hack. It is somthing found on . What happened? Where are the hacks? The only thing that is appearing now is just how-to’s.

    I miss the old hack-a-day stuff, And I foush these manufacters would make their stuff a little more “Hackable”.

  9. Join team hackaday, click my name, we’re hoping to roll out a number of hacks this summer.

  10. dennis says:

    is it just me or are the hacks getting lamer and lamer?

  11. strider_mt2k says:

    It’s not a lame hack.
    I think the wiring could have been done neater or at least less obtrusively, and the photographic effects were annoying.
    -but a big box of lights is always cool to have around the house!

  12. Phugedaboudet says:

    WTF? *50w* driving LED’s?!
    That’s waay too much power-LED’s hardly use that a misprint?

  13. andrew says:


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