Beerquad wifi antenna


[Coreyfro] recently sent me a thank you note for the biquad wifi antenna article I did for Engadget last fall. He directed me to his monster Beerquad antenna he built based on it. While searching for materials to build his antenna he discovered that flattened Guinness cans are the perfect size for regular antennas and that 25oz Labatt cans make for great double wide versions. He says the reception is great . I’m sure he’ll raise some OpSec eyebrows once he gets the laptop mount done. Most biquad wifi projects on the web are based on Trevor Marshall’s antenna.


  1. tahm says:

    Beer and (wirelessly accessed) porn? Score.

    This has been an unintelligent post.

  2. olliestyles says:

    first w00t

  3. steve says:

    thank god something a bit different and no leds involved makes good sense thanks steve

  4. g0d says:

    just wondering.. did you have to brush the aluminum or was it just for looks? would it work without most of the “print” being brushed off?


  5. profsparks says:

    really steve, you need to shut the hell up for a while. Everyone was pissed off at you yesterday, why would you bring it up again? I happen to like LEDs… cause there cool.

  6. nguyen_van_thoc says:

    an important thing to remember with this hack is to really flatten the metal well, it make a difference. this might be harder to do when you’re drunk… i think every great hack involves beer in one way or another.

  7. strider_mt2k says:

    That antenna is just beautiful.

  8. Coreyfro says:

    The brushed alum is just for looks. Who needs ingredients, legal babble, or barcodes?


  9. g0d says:

    a reflector panel covered in barcodes would be pretty cool tho..

  10. dennis says:

    does anyone know what sort of background is needed to design antennas? are there any good resources to learn the theory behind it? thanks.

  11. greg0r says:

    Who gets drunk off a 25oz beer? :P

    I’d have to make at least three of these to feel it, lol.

    Really though, cool post. I’m going to have to try making one myself!

  12. Bob says:

    dennis – if you want a book you should probably look into the ARRL’s stuff.

    Obviously there’s stuff on the web too but it would depend to some extent what frequencies you were interested in. There’s plenty on ~2.4GHz and FM VHF due to WiFi hacker / amateur radio / pirate radio use :)

  13. PWNA says:

    really nice, i would make one if i needed one but i dont need one so i dont need one then i dont need to build one since i done need one.
    i get drunk after 25oz beer?

  14. fucter says:

    dennis: the AARL handbook is a good place to start, there are also books on HAM radio and antenna theory at public libraries. I think its physics2 in college(it was phy212 for me) will give you plenty of information on induction. There is also forums on that you can read about all kinds of wifi info (but don’t post anything, those guys have become jerks(or, all the cool guys left, and only jerks are still there). Also do a google search for Lincomatic, he built a crap load of antennas and documented his work). And of course, like eliot already pointed out, Trevors site.

  15. howl says:

    lots of diy wifi antenna designs

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