Wireless brake light helmet

wireless brake light helmet

[Firoz Ahammad] added 5 ultra bright LEDs to his motorcycle helmet. It uses a Maxim wireless tx/rx pair and is powered by 3 rechargeable batteries. He spaced the LEDs evenly across the thickest area of the helmet. I personally wouldn’t mod my safety equipment or I’d at least put the LEDs in preexisting vent holes.


  1. trebuchet03 says:

    for those that complain about the safety factor… you’re right… to the creator, this is a very good idea. If you have to cut holes, you could have done it in a much worse fashion (say, a big square hole — perfect for crack propagation :P).

    I’d personally prefer more visibility… there’s a reason red and yellow cars are less likely to get into accidents as compared to white and beige car… Perhaps I should just do a FEA to make some comparison…

  2. J3ff says:

    Jim, I agree, we don’t even have helmet laws in PA. I ride a Harley and only wear a helmet if I’m going to other states. I’m sure most of these folks that are so concerned about holes in a helmet don’t ride. And great work Frioz. I’d wear one with or without the holes.

  3. Tachyon says:

    The no drill guys are right.
    This helmet would be totally illegal in the US/Canada, and for good reason. It is now structurally unsound and wouldn’t meet Snell/DOT standards.
    From the Snell standard for Motorcycle helmets:
    “The Foundation recommends that helmet owners not modify or contract someone else to modify their helmets. Any structural modification may adversely affect a helmet’s protective capability.”

    I would put the LED’s in a small enclosure of some type and strap or glue it to the exterior of the helmet.

    It’s a cool idea though, and if done without compromising the helmet, it might actually improve safety by reducing the number of idiots that run you over.

    The *REAL* Tachyon

  4. I have a wireless bike circuit that does exactly the same trick. If you want details and the complete circuit just mail me.

  5. pawnmaster says:

    I think this Idea is Brilliant! Excellent work my friend, when do we go into production?

  6. Atlantis says:

    HI very nice Idea but drilling holes into a helmet is not sooo good ;)
    so why u not use “el-folie” (www.el-folie.com)
    the only problem are the batteries/ the inverter for the light. Maybe it could be solved if u build ur inverter by urself and adding it at the bottom of the helmet, an using only an 3V litium battery so it won

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