Hack-A-Day anniversary 10


We are entering our terrible twos which means we’re not above making stupid binary jokes like the one in the title. With the comments still broken, this year’s celebration is going to be pretty low key. You’ve got a few entertaining options though. Have a look at our first anniversary posts: first post and HADA01. Visit the Team Hack-A-Day forum for HAD’s Unofficial Folding@HOME Team. They do a lot more than just fold so feel free to ask for help if you’ve got a project you’re working on. You can also stop by #hackaday IRC channel on EFNet. Check out or current blogger, Will O’Brien’s how-to archive on Engadget. Engadget also got there hands on a Chumby recently. Will, Fabienne, and I will all be attending ToorCon in San Diego at the end of this month. It was my favorite conference from last year and definitely worth your time if you are in the area. Check out last year’s coverage. The staff at Hack-A-Day would like to thank all of the readers. Reader contributions to the tipline are what keep this site fresh every day.


  1. hey, that pic u used for the blog post looks oddly the same as a 3d render i did of the HAD logo for THAD a while back…

  2. Matt Sandy says:

    Are you kidding me Jack?


    That is the render.

  3. kai_ran says:

    Most Important: Congrats!
    may there be another 0x100


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